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func GetConfigMapHash

func GetConfigMapHash(obj *corev1.ConfigMap) (string, error)

GetConfigMapHash returns a hash of the configmap data

func GetSecretHash

func GetSecretHash(obj *corev1.Secret) (string, error)

GetSecretHash returns a hash of the secret data

func MultipleObjectHashStringMap

func MultipleObjectHashStringMap(objs ...runtime.Object) (map[string]string, error)

MultipleObjectHashStringMap returns a map of key/hash pairs suitable for merging into a configmap

func MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferenceFromLister

func MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferenceFromLister(configmapLister v1.ConfigMapLister, secretLister v1.SecretLister, objRefs ...*ObjectReference) (map[string]string, error)

MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferenceFromLister is MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferences using a lister for performance

func MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferences

func MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferences(client kubernetes.Interface, objRefs ...*ObjectReference) (map[string]string, error)

MultipleObjectHashStringMapForObjectReferences returns a map of key/hash pairs suitable for merging into a configmap


type ObjectReference

type ObjectReference struct {
	Resource  schema.GroupResource
	Namespace string
	Name      string

ObjectReference can be used to reference a particular resource. Not all group resources are respected by all methods.

func NewObjectRef

func NewObjectRef() *ObjectReference

func (*ObjectReference) ForConfigMap

func (r *ObjectReference) ForConfigMap() *ObjectReference

func (*ObjectReference) ForSecret

func (r *ObjectReference) ForSecret() *ObjectReference

func (*ObjectReference) InNamespace

func (r *ObjectReference) InNamespace(namespace string) *ObjectReference

func (*ObjectReference) Named

func (r *ObjectReference) Named(name string) *ObjectReference

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