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func New

func New(endpoints []string, options *store.Config) (store.Store, error)

New creates a Mock store


type Lock

type Lock struct {

Lock mock implementation of Locker

func (*Lock) Lock

func (l *Lock) Lock() (<-chan struct{}, error)

Lock mock

func (*Lock) Unlock

func (l *Lock) Unlock() error

Unlock mock

type Mock

type Mock struct {

	// Endpoints passed to InitializeMock
	Endpoints []string

	// Options passed to InitializeMock
	Options *store.Config

Mock store. Mocks all Store functions using testify.Mock

func (*Mock) AtomicDelete

func (s *Mock) AtomicDelete(key string, previous *store.KVPair) (bool, error)

AtomicDelete mock

func (*Mock) AtomicPut

func (s *Mock) AtomicPut(key string, value []byte, previous *store.KVPair, opts *store.WriteOptions) (bool, *store.KVPair, error)

AtomicPut mock

func (*Mock) Close

func (s *Mock) Close()

Close mock

func (*Mock) Delete

func (s *Mock) Delete(key string) error

Delete mock

func (*Mock) DeleteTree

func (s *Mock) DeleteTree(prefix string) error

DeleteTree mock

func (*Mock) Exists

func (s *Mock) Exists(key string) (bool, error)

Exists mock

func (*Mock) Get

func (s *Mock) Get(key string) (*store.KVPair, error)

Get mock

func (*Mock) List

func (s *Mock) List(prefix string) ([]*store.KVPair, error)

List mock

func (*Mock) NewLock

func (s *Mock) NewLock(key string, options *store.LockOptions) (store.Locker, error)

NewLock mock

func (*Mock) Put

func (s *Mock) Put(key string, value []byte, opts *store.WriteOptions) error

Put mock

func (*Mock) Watch

func (s *Mock) Watch(key string, stopCh <-chan struct{}) (<-chan *store.KVPair, error)

Watch mock

func (*Mock) WatchTree

func (s *Mock) WatchTree(prefix string, stopCh <-chan struct{}) (<-chan []*store.KVPair, error)

WatchTree mock

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