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const (
	// MesosVersion indicates the supported mesos version.
	MesosVersion = "0.24.0"


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func AddResourceReservation added in v1.0.1

func AddResourceReservation(resource *mesos.Resource, principal string, role string) *mesos.Resource

func FilterOffersResources

func FilterOffersResources(offers []*mesos.Offer, filter func(*mesos.Resource) bool) (result []*mesos.Resource)

func FilterResources

func FilterResources(resources []*mesos.Resource, filter func(*mesos.Resource) bool) (result []*mesos.Resource)

func GetHostname

func GetHostname(hostnameOverride string) string

TODO(jdef) copied from kubernetes/pkg/util/node.go

func NewCommandInfo

func NewCommandInfo(command string) *mesos.CommandInfo

func NewCreateOperation added in v1.0.1

func NewCreateOperation(volumes []*mesos.Resource) *mesos.Offer_Operation

func NewDestroyOperation added in v1.0.1

func NewDestroyOperation(volumes []*mesos.Resource) *mesos.Offer_Operation

func NewExecutorID

func NewExecutorID(id string) *mesos.ExecutorID

func NewExecutorInfo

func NewExecutorInfo(execId *mesos.ExecutorID, command *mesos.CommandInfo) *mesos.ExecutorInfo

func NewFrameworkID

func NewFrameworkID(id string) *mesos.FrameworkID

func NewFrameworkInfo

func NewFrameworkInfo(user, name string, frameworkId *mesos.FrameworkID) *mesos.FrameworkInfo

func NewLaunchOperation added in v1.0.1

func NewLaunchOperation(tasks []*mesos.TaskInfo) *mesos.Offer_Operation

func NewMasterInfo

func NewMasterInfo(id string, ip, port uint32) *mesos.MasterInfo

func NewOffer

func NewOffer(offerId *mesos.OfferID, frameworkId *mesos.FrameworkID, slaveId *mesos.SlaveID, hostname string) *mesos.Offer

func NewOfferID

func NewOfferID(id string) *mesos.OfferID

func NewRangesResource

func NewRangesResource(name string, ranges []*mesos.Value_Range) *mesos.Resource

func NewRangesResourceWithReservation added in v1.0.1

func NewRangesResourceWithReservation(name string, ranges []*mesos.Value_Range, principal string, role string) *mesos.Resource

func NewReserveOperation added in v1.0.1

func NewReserveOperation(resources []*mesos.Resource) *mesos.Offer_Operation

func NewScalarResource

func NewScalarResource(name string, val float64) *mesos.Resource

func NewScalarResourceWithReservation added in v1.0.1

func NewScalarResourceWithReservation(name string, value float64, principal string, role string) *mesos.Resource

func NewSetResource

func NewSetResource(name string, items []string) *mesos.Resource

func NewSetResourceWithReservation added in v1.0.1

func NewSetResourceWithReservation(name string, items []string, principal string, role string) *mesos.Resource

func NewSlaveID

func NewSlaveID(id string) *mesos.SlaveID

func NewStatusUpdate

func NewStatusUpdate(frameworkId *mesos.FrameworkID, taskStatus *mesos.TaskStatus, timestamp float64, uuid []byte) *mesos.StatusUpdate

func NewTaskID

func NewTaskID(id string) *mesos.TaskID

func NewTaskInfo

func NewTaskInfo(
	name string,
	taskId *mesos.TaskID,
	slaveId *mesos.SlaveID,
	resources []*mesos.Resource,
) *mesos.TaskInfo

func NewTaskStatus

func NewTaskStatus(taskId *mesos.TaskID, state mesos.TaskState) *mesos.TaskStatus

func NewUnreserveOperation added in v1.0.1

func NewUnreserveOperation(resources []*mesos.Resource) *mesos.Offer_Operation

func NewValueRange

func NewValueRange(begin, end uint64) *mesos.Value_Range

func NewVolumeResource added in v1.0.1

func NewVolumeResource(val float64, containerPath string, persistenceId string, mode *mesos.Volume_Mode) *mesos.Resource

func NewVolumeResourceWithReservation added in v1.0.1

func NewVolumeResourceWithReservation(val float64, containerPath string, persistenceId string, mode *mesos.Volume_Mode, principal string, role string) *mesos.Resource


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