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var (
	ErrNoEngine = errors.New("Engine no longer exists")


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type NopClient

type NopClient struct {

func NewNopClient

func NewNopClient() *NopClient

func (*NopClient) AttachContainer added in v1.0.1

func (client *NopClient) AttachContainer(id string, options *dockerclient.AttachOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

func (*NopClient) BuildImage

func (client *NopClient) BuildImage(image *dockerclient.BuildImage) (io.ReadCloser, error)

func (*NopClient) ConnectNetwork

func (client *NopClient) ConnectNetwork(id, container string) error

func (*NopClient) ContainerChanges

func (client *NopClient) ContainerChanges(id string) ([]*dockerclient.ContainerChanges, error)

func (*NopClient) ContainerLogs

func (client *NopClient) ContainerLogs(id string, options *dockerclient.LogOptions) (io.ReadCloser, error)

func (*NopClient) CreateContainer

func (client *NopClient) CreateContainer(config *dockerclient.ContainerConfig, name string) (string, error)

func (*NopClient) CreateNetwork

func (client *NopClient) CreateNetwork(config *dockerclient.NetworkCreate) (*dockerclient.NetworkCreateResponse, error)

func (*NopClient) CreateVolume

func (client *NopClient) CreateVolume(request *dockerclient.VolumeCreateRequest) (*dockerclient.Volume, error)

func (*NopClient) DisconnectNetwork

func (client *NopClient) DisconnectNetwork(id, container string) error

func (*NopClient) ExecCreate

func (client *NopClient) ExecCreate(config *dockerclient.ExecConfig) (string, error)

func (*NopClient) ExecResize

func (client *NopClient) ExecResize(id string, width, height int) error

func (*NopClient) ExecStart

func (client *NopClient) ExecStart(id string, config *dockerclient.ExecConfig) error

func (*NopClient) ImportImage

func (client *NopClient) ImportImage(source string, repository string, tag string, tar io.Reader) (io.ReadCloser, error)

func (*NopClient) Info

func (client *NopClient) Info() (*dockerclient.Info, error)

func (*NopClient) InspectContainer

func (client *NopClient) InspectContainer(id string) (*dockerclient.ContainerInfo, error)

func (*NopClient) InspectImage

func (client *NopClient) InspectImage(id string) (*dockerclient.ImageInfo, error)

func (*NopClient) InspectNetwork

func (client *NopClient) InspectNetwork(id string) (*dockerclient.NetworkResource, error)

func (*NopClient) KillContainer

func (client *NopClient) KillContainer(id, signal string) error

func (*NopClient) ListContainers

func (client *NopClient) ListContainers(all bool, size bool, filters string) ([]dockerclient.Container, error)

func (*NopClient) ListImages

func (client *NopClient) ListImages(all bool) ([]*dockerclient.Image, error)

func (*NopClient) ListNetworks

func (client *NopClient) ListNetworks(filters string) ([]*dockerclient.NetworkResource, error)

func (*NopClient) ListVolumes

func (client *NopClient) ListVolumes() ([]*dockerclient.Volume, error)

func (*NopClient) LoadImage

func (client *NopClient) LoadImage(reader io.Reader) error

func (*NopClient) MonitorEvents

func (client *NopClient) MonitorEvents(options *dockerclient.MonitorEventsOptions, stopChan <-chan struct{}) (<-chan dockerclient.EventOrError, error)

func (*NopClient) PauseContainer

func (client *NopClient) PauseContainer(name string) error

func (*NopClient) PullImage

func (client *NopClient) PullImage(name string, auth *dockerclient.AuthConfig) error

func (*NopClient) PushImage

func (client *NopClient) PushImage(name, tag string, auth *dockerclient.AuthConfig) error

func (*NopClient) RemoveContainer

func (client *NopClient) RemoveContainer(id string, force, volumes bool) error

func (*NopClient) RemoveImage

func (client *NopClient) RemoveImage(name string, force bool) ([]*dockerclient.ImageDelete, error)

func (*NopClient) RemoveNetwork

func (client *NopClient) RemoveNetwork(id string) error

func (*NopClient) RemoveVolume

func (client *NopClient) RemoveVolume(name string) error

func (*NopClient) RenameContainer

func (client *NopClient) RenameContainer(oldName string, newName string) error

func (*NopClient) RestartContainer

func (client *NopClient) RestartContainer(id string, timeout int) error

func (*NopClient) StartContainer

func (client *NopClient) StartContainer(id string, config *dockerclient.HostConfig) error

func (*NopClient) StartMonitorEvents

func (client *NopClient) StartMonitorEvents(cb dockerclient.Callback, ec chan error, args ...interface{})

func (*NopClient) StartMonitorStats

func (client *NopClient) StartMonitorStats(id string, cb dockerclient.StatCallback, ec chan error, args ...interface{})

func (*NopClient) StopAllMonitorEvents

func (client *NopClient) StopAllMonitorEvents()

func (*NopClient) StopAllMonitorStats

func (client *NopClient) StopAllMonitorStats()

func (*NopClient) StopContainer

func (client *NopClient) StopContainer(id string, timeout int) error

func (*NopClient) TagImage

func (client *NopClient) TagImage(nameOrID string, repo string, tag string, force bool) error

func (*NopClient) UnpauseContainer

func (client *NopClient) UnpauseContainer(name string) error

func (*NopClient) Version

func (client *NopClient) Version() (*dockerclient.Version, error)

func (*NopClient) Wait

func (client *NopClient) Wait(id string) <-chan dockerclient.WaitResult

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