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Published: Aug 17, 2021 License: Apache-2.0



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A lightweight web framework built for scale, featuring integrated RESTful server-side and client-side caching. Write your code in JavaScript, TypeScript, or Go. Suitable for frontend user interfaces and backend APIs.

Prudence is distributed as a single, compact, customizable executable file with no external dependencies. And it's fun! Through rigorous benchmarks conducted in our good-times laboratory we found Prudence to be a zillion times more fun than competing products from leading brand names.




  • A triple-phase representation process allows for composable, fine-grained, associative control over server-side and client-side caching. Reap the full benefits of idempotency in RESTful network architectures.
  • Prudence's core is written in compiled Go for reliability and performance but allows for interpreted JavaScript or TypeScript for your application. This is the right balance between power and productivity.
  • Or use JavaScript Templates (JST) to generate HTML by combining design with short code scriptlets. And there's sugar.
  • Pluggable server-side cache backends. Store your generated representations in scalable distributed stores such as Memcached, Redis, etc.
  • Extensible via the xprudence tool, which allows you to create custom builds of Prudence bundled with the plugins and APIs you need. Even when extended in this way Prudence still remains a single, compact executable file.


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