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var Emojis = map[string]Emoji{ /* 3174 elements not displayed */


Emojis - Map of Emoji Runes as Hex keys to their description

func LookupEmojis

func LookupEmojis(emoji []string) (matches []interface{})

LookupEmojis - Lookup definitions for each emoji in the input

func RemoveAll

func RemoveAll(input string) string

RemoveAll - Remove all emoji

type Emoji

type Emoji struct {
	Key        string `json:"key"`
	Value      string `json:"value"`
	Descriptor string `json:"descriptor"`

Emoji - Struct representing Emoji

func LookupEmoji

func LookupEmoji(emojiString string) (emoji Emoji, err error)

LookupEmoji - Lookup a single emoji definition

type SearchResult

type SearchResult struct {
	Match       interface{}
	Occurrences int
	Locations   [][]int

SearchResult - Occurence of an emoji in a string

func Find

func Find(emojiString string, input string) (result SearchResult, err error)

Find a specific emoji character within a srting

type SearchResults

type SearchResults []SearchResult

SearchResults - The result of a search

func FindAll

func FindAll(input string) (detectedEmojis SearchResults)

FindAll - Find all instances of emoji

func (SearchResults) IndexOf

func (results SearchResults) IndexOf(result interface{}) int

IndexOf - Check to see if search results contains a specific element

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