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func DescriptorGrpcWebPrefix

func DescriptorGrpcWebPrefix(desc protoreflect.Descriptor) string

DescriptorGrpcWebPrefix returns the prefix for the descriptor. This is required for nested types.

func DescriptorPackage

func DescriptorPackage(m protoreflect.Descriptor, pkg string) string

DescriptorPackage returns the package of the given descriptor. E.g. platform.v1.query.MatchedStringValue returns platform.v1.query

func DescriptorPrefix

func DescriptorPrefix(desc protoreflect.Descriptor) string

DescriptorPrefix returns the prefix for the descriptor. This is required for nested types.

func FieldDescriptorType

func FieldDescriptorType(field protoreflect.FieldDescriptor, pkg string, withCardinality bool) string

func FieldDescriptorTypePlain

func FieldDescriptorTypePlain(field protoreflect.FieldDescriptor, pkg string) string

func FieldType

func FieldType(field *protogen.Field, pkg string) string

func FieldTypeDescriptorPackage

func FieldTypeDescriptorPackage(field protoreflect.FieldDescriptor, pkg string) string

func FieldTypeImportReference

func FieldTypeImportReference(currentPkg string, f protoreflect.FieldDescriptor, destPkg string) string

func FieldTypeNoCardinality

func FieldTypeNoCardinality(field *protogen.Field, pkg string) string

func FieldTypePlain

func FieldTypePlain(field *protogen.Field, pkg string) string

func MapKindToString

func MapKindToString(k protoreflect.Kind) string

func PkgToImportPkg

func PkgToImportPkg(pkg string) string

func ProtoToSimpleJS

func ProtoToSimpleJS(path string, withExt bool, additionalSuffix string) string

func RelativePathBetweenPaths

func RelativePathBetweenPaths(from string, to string) string


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