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type Existence

type Existence map[string]string

map of existence name to (puid for room/uuid for user)

func (Existence) Add

func (existence Existence) Add(name string, id string) Existence

func (Existence) All

func (existence Existence) All() []reflect.Value

func (Existence) Exist

func (existence Existence) Exist(name string) (ok bool)

func (Existence) Get

func (existence Existence) Get(name string) string

func (Existence) Length

func (existence Existence) Length() int

func (Existence) Remove

func (existence Existence) Remove(name string) Existence

type Home

type Home struct {
	Id     string    // Home id from town id
	Room   Existence // map of to with people id
	People Existence // map of uuid with uuid

func (*Home) Destroy

func (home *Home) Destroy(table *people.Table)

func (*Home) Make

func (home *Home) Make() *Home

type Town

type Town map[string]*Home
var Townhall Town = make(Town)

func (Town) AddHome

func (town Town) AddHome(id string) *Home

func (Town) ExistHome

func (town Town) ExistHome(id string) (ok bool)

func (Town) GetHome

func (town Town) GetHome(id string) *Home

func (Town) MoveHome

func (town Town) MoveHome(from, to string) *Home

func (Town) RemoveHome

func (town Town) RemoveHome(id string) Town

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