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Published: Oct 2, 2019 | License: GPL2 | Module:


func AliPayWebHookHandler

func AliPayWebHookHandler(ctx echo.Context) error

AliPayWebHookHandler handles razor pay webhooks.

func BraintreeWebHookHandler

func BraintreeWebHookHandler(ctx echo.Context) error

BraintreeWebHookHandler handles braintree webhooks.

func PaytmWebHookHandler

func PaytmWebHookHandler(ctx echo.Context) error

PaytmWebHookHandler handles razor pay webhooks.

func RazorPayWebHookHandler

func RazorPayWebHookHandler(ctx echo.Context) error

RazorPayWebHookHandler handles razor pay webhooks.

func StripeWebHookHandler

func StripeWebHookHandler(ctx echo.Context) error

StripeWebHookHandler handles stripe webhooks.

func WechatPayWebHookHandler

func WechatPayWebHookHandler(ctx echo.Context) error

WechatPayWebHookHandler handles razor pay webhooks.

type PaymentGateway

type PaymentGateway interface {

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