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type IG3nRenderer

type IG3nRenderer interface {
	Layout(worldApp *WorldApp, g3nRenderableElements []*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement)
	InitRenderLoop(worldApp *WorldApp) bool
	RenderElement(worldApp *WorldApp, g3n *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement) bool

TODO: Can I get rid of this definition? -- duplicated in genericrenderer.go.

type InitEvent

type InitEvent struct {

type WorldApp

type WorldApp struct {
	MSdkApiHandler *mashupSdkApiHandler

	MainWin *app.Application

	IG3nRenderer        IG3nRenderer
	IG3nDisplayRenderer g3ndisplay.IG3nDisplayRenderer

	MashupContext *mashupsdk.MashupContext // Needed for callbacks to other mashups

	RootElements     []*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement
	ConcreteElements map[int64]*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement // g3n indexes by string...

	ClickedElements []*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement // g3n indexes by string...

	Sticky         bool
	ControlClicked bool

	Focused bool // Whether current window has focus.
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWorldApp

func NewWorldApp(headless bool, custos bool, renderer IG3nRenderer, displayRenderer g3ndisplay.IG3nDisplayRenderer) *WorldApp

func (*WorldApp) AddToScene

func (w *WorldApp) AddToScene(node core.INode) *core.Node

func (*WorldApp) Cast

func (w *WorldApp) Cast(inode core.INode, caster *collision.Raycaster) (core.INode, []collision.Intersect)

func (*WorldApp) CloneG3nDetailedElement

func (w *WorldApp) CloneG3nDetailedElement(g3nElement *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, elementStates *[]interface{}) *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement

func (*WorldApp) G3nOnFocus

func (w *WorldApp) G3nOnFocus(name string, ev interface{})

func (*WorldApp) GetAuthToken

func (w *WorldApp) GetAuthToken() string

func (*WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedChildElements

func (w *WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedChildElements(g3n *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement) ([]*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, error)

func (*WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedChildElementsByGenre

func (w *WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedChildElementsByGenre(g3n *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, genre string) []*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement

func (*WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedElementById

func (w *WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedElementById(eid int64) (*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, error)

func (*WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedFilteredElements

func (w *WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedFilteredElements(renderer string, abstract bool) ([]*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, error)

func (*WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedGenreFilteredElements

func (w *WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedGenreFilteredElements(genre string) ([]*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, error)

func (*WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedLibraryElementById

func (w *WorldApp) GetG3nDetailedLibraryElementById(eid int64) (*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement, error)

func (*WorldApp) GetParentElements

func (w *WorldApp) GetParentElements(g3nDetailedElement *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement) []*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement

func (*WorldApp) GetSiblingElements

func (w *WorldApp) GetSiblingElements(g3nDetailedElement *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement) []*g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement

func (*WorldApp) InitMainWindow

func (w *WorldApp) InitMainWindow()

func (*WorldApp) InitServer

func (w *WorldApp) InitServer(callerCreds string, insecure bool, maxMessageLength int)

func (*WorldApp) NewElementIdPump

func (w *WorldApp) NewElementIdPump() int64

func (*WorldApp) NewG3nDetailedElement

func (w *WorldApp) NewG3nDetailedElement(detailedElement *mashupsdk.MashupDetailedElement, deepCopy bool) *g3nmash.G3nDetailedElement

func (*WorldApp) RemoveFromScene

func (w *WorldApp) RemoveFromScene(node core.INode) bool

func (*WorldApp) ResetChangeStates

func (w *WorldApp) ResetChangeStates() []*mashupsdk.MashupElementState

func (*WorldApp) SetFrameRate

func (w *WorldApp) SetFrameRate(targetFPS uint)

func (*WorldApp) Transform

func (w *WorldApp) Transform() []*mashupsdk.MashupElementState

func (*WorldApp) UpsertToScene

func (w *WorldApp) UpsertToScene(node core.INode) *core.Node

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