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func MessageName

func MessageName(file *protogen.File, message *protogen.Message) string

MessageName transforms a message name into a PHP compatible one.

func Name

func Name(s string) string

Name generates a name from a proto reference.

func Namespace

func Namespace(file *protogen.File) string

Namespace guesses the namespace of the file according to the following order of precedence:

1. Explicitly set namespace using the "php_namespace" option 2. Package name with dots replaced with backslashes and segments converted to title

func NamespacedName

func NamespacedName(className string, file *protogen.File) string

NamespacedName calculates a fully qualified class name.

Created based on

func Path

func Path(file *protogen.File) string

Path guesses the path of the file based on the (internally calculated) namespace.

func PathFromNamespace

func PathFromNamespace(ns string) string

PathFromNamespace guesses the path of the file based on the namespace.

func ServiceName

func ServiceName(file *protogen.File, svc *protogen.Service) string

ServiceName transforms the service name into a PHP compatible one.


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