This package contains utility functions that provide access to local assets (such as a local git repository) to display on the CLI and creates config files for Inertia upon first-time setup.

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    Package local provides access to local assets for the CLI



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    const (
    	// EnvSSHPassphrase is the key used to fetch PEM key passphrases


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    func GetProject

    func GetProject(path string) (*cfg.Project, error)

      GetProject retrieves the Inertia project configuration at the given path

      func GetRemotes

      func GetRemotes() (*cfg.Remotes, error)

        GetRemotes retrieves global Inertia remotes configuration

        func InertiaDir

        func InertiaDir() string

          InertiaDir gets the path to the directory where global Inertia configuration is stored

          func InertiaRemotesPath

          func InertiaRemotesPath() string

            InertiaRemotesPath gets the path to global Inertia configuration

            func InitProject

            func InitProject(path, name, host string, defaultProfile cfg.Profile) error

              InitProject creates the inertia config file and returns an error if Inertia is already configured

              func Initialize

              func Initialize() (*cfg.Remotes, error)

                Initialize sets up Inertia configuration

                func RemoveRemote

                func RemoveRemote(name string) error

                  RemoveRemote deletes the named remote from the global Inertia configuration file.

                  func SaveKey

                  func SaveKey(keyMaterial string, path string) error

                    SaveKey writes a key to given path

                    func SaveRemote

                    func SaveRemote(remote *cfg.Remote) error

                      SaveRemote adds or updates the given remote in the global Inertia configuration file.

                      func Write

                      func Write(path string, data interface{}, writers error

                        Write saves the given data to the given path and/or writers


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                        Path Synopsis
                        Package git provides utilities for interacting with git.
                        Package git provides utilities for interacting with git.