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Documentation for the Cadence command line interface is located at our main site.




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const (
	FlagUsername                          = "username"
	FlagPassword                          = "password"
	FlagKeyspace                          = "keyspace"
	FlagDatabaseName                      = "db_name"
	FlagEncodingType                      = "encoding_type"
	FlagDecodingTypes                     = "decoding_types"
	FlagAddress                           = "address"
	FlagAddressWithAlias                  = FlagAddress + ", ad"
	FlagHistoryAddress                    = "history_address"
	FlagDBType                            = "db_type"
	FlagDBAddress                         = "db_address"
	FlagDBPort                            = "db_port"
	FlagDBRegion                          = "db_region"
	FlagHistoryAddressWithAlias           = FlagHistoryAddress + ", had"
	FlagProtoVersion                      = "protocol_version"
	FlagDomainID                          = "domain_id"
	FlagDomain                            = "domain"
	FlagDomainWithAlias                   = FlagDomain + ", do"
	FlagShardID                           = "shard_id"
	FlagShardIDWithAlias                  = FlagShardID + ", sid"
	FlagRangeID                           = "range_id"
	FlagRangeIDWithAlias                  = FlagRangeID + ", rid"
	FlagWorkflowID                        = "workflow_id"
	FlagWorkflowIDWithAlias               = FlagWorkflowID + ", wid, w"
	FlagRunID                             = "run_id"
	FlagTreeID                            = "tree_id"
	FlagBranchID                          = "branch_id"
	FlagNumberOfShards                    = "number_of_shards"
	FlagRunIDWithAlias                    = FlagRunID + ", rid, r"
	FlagTargetCluster                     = "target_cluster"
	FlagTargetClusterWithAlias            = FlagTargetCluster + ", tc"
	FlagSourceCluster                     = "source_cluster"
	FlagSourceClusterWithAlias            = FlagSourceCluster + ", sc"
	FlagMinEventID                        = "min_event_id"
	FlagMaxEventID                        = "max_event_id"
	FlagEndEventVersion                   = "end_event_version"
	FlagTaskList                          = "tasklist"
	FlagTaskListWithAlias                 = FlagTaskList + ", tl"
	FlagTaskListType                      = "tasklisttype"
	FlagTaskListTypeWithAlias             = FlagTaskListType + ", tlt"
	FlagWorkflowIDReusePolicy             = "workflowidreusepolicy"
	FlagWorkflowIDReusePolicyAlias        = FlagWorkflowIDReusePolicy + ", wrp"
	FlagCronSchedule                      = "cron"
	FlagWorkflowType                      = "workflow_type"
	FlagWorkflowTypeWithAlias             = FlagWorkflowType + ", wt"
	FlagWorkflowStatus                    = "status"
	FlagWorkflowStatusWithAlias           = FlagWorkflowStatus + ", s"
	FlagExecutionTimeout                  = "execution_timeout"
	FlagExecutionTimeoutWithAlias         = FlagExecutionTimeout + ", et"
	FlagDecisionTimeout                   = "decision_timeout"
	FlagDecisionTimeoutWithAlias          = FlagDecisionTimeout + ", dt"
	FlagContextTimeout                    = "context_timeout"
	FlagContextTimeoutWithAlias           = FlagContextTimeout + ", ct"
	FlagInput                             = "input"
	FlagInputWithAlias                    = FlagInput + ", i"
	FlagInputFile                         = "input_file"
	FlagInputFileWithAlias                = FlagInputFile + ", if"
	FlagSignalInput                       = "signal_input"
	FlagSignalInputWithAlias              = FlagSignalInput + ", si"
	FlagSignalInputFile                   = "signal_input_file"
	FlagSignalInputFileWithAlias          = FlagSignalInputFile + ", sif"
	FlagExcludeFile                       = "exclude_file"
	FlagInputSeparator                    = "input_separator"
	FlagParallism                         = "input_parallism"
	FlagScanType                          = "scan_type"
	FlagInvariantCollection               = "invariant_collection"
	FlagSkipCurrentOpen                   = "skip_current_open"
	FlagSkipBaseIsNotCurrent              = "skip_base_is_not_current"
	FlagDryRun                            = "dry_run"
	FlagNonDeterministicOnly              = "only_non_deterministic"
	FlagInputTopic                        = "input_topic"
	FlagInputTopicWithAlias               = FlagInputTopic + ", it"
	FlagHostFile                          = "host_file"
	FlagCluster                           = "cluster"
	FlagInputCluster                      = "input_cluster"
	FlagStartOffset                       = "start_offset"
	FlagTopic                             = "topic"
	FlagGroup                             = "group"
	FlagResult                            = "result"
	FlagIdentity                          = "identity"
	FlagDetail                            = "detail"
	FlagReason                            = "reason"
	FlagReasonWithAlias                   = FlagReason + ", re"
	FlagOpen                              = "open"
	FlagOpenWithAlias                     = FlagOpen + ", op"
	FlagMore                              = "more"
	FlagMoreWithAlias                     = FlagMore + ", m"
	FlagAll                               = "all"
	FlagPrefix                            = "prefix"
	FlagAllWithAlias                      = FlagAll + ", a"
	FlagDeprecated                        = "deprecated"
	FlagDeprecatedWithAlias               = FlagDeprecated + ", dep"
	FlagForce                             = "force"
	FlagPageID                            = "page_id"
	FlagPageSize                          = "pagesize"
	FlagPageSizeWithAlias                 = FlagPageSize + ", ps"
	FlagEarliestTime                      = "earliest_time"
	FlagEarliestTimeWithAlias             = FlagEarliestTime + ", et"
	FlagLatestTime                        = "latest_time"
	FlagLatestTimeWithAlias               = FlagLatestTime + ", lt"
	FlagPrintEventVersion                 = "print_event_version"
	FlagPrintEventVersionWithAlias        = FlagPrintEventVersion + ", pev"
	FlagPrintFullyDetail                  = "print_full"
	FlagPrintFullyDetailWithAlias         = FlagPrintFullyDetail + ", pf"
	FlagPrintRawTime                      = "print_raw_time"
	FlagPrintRawTimeWithAlias             = FlagPrintRawTime + ", prt"
	FlagPrintRaw                          = "print_raw"
	FlagPrintRawWithAlias                 = FlagPrintRaw + ", praw"
	FlagPrintDateTime                     = "print_datetime"
	FlagPrintDateTimeWithAlias            = FlagPrintDateTime + ", pdt"
	FlagPrintMemo                         = "print_memo"
	FlagPrintMemoWithAlias                = FlagPrintMemo + ", pme"
	FlagPrintSearchAttr                   = "print_search_attr"
	FlagPrintSearchAttrWithAlias          = FlagPrintSearchAttr + ", psa"
	FlagPrintJSON                         = "print_json"
	FlagPrintJSONWithAlias                = FlagPrintJSON + ", pjson"
	FlagDescription                       = "description"
	FlagDescriptionWithAlias              = FlagDescription + ", desc"
	FlagOwnerEmail                        = "owner_email"
	FlagOwnerEmailWithAlias               = FlagOwnerEmail + ", oe"
	FlagRetentionDays                     = "retention"
	FlagRetentionDaysWithAlias            = FlagRetentionDays + ", rd"
	FlagHistoryArchivalStatus             = "history_archival_status"
	FlagHistoryArchivalStatusWithAlias    = FlagHistoryArchivalStatus + ", has"
	FlagHistoryArchivalURI                = "history_uri"
	FlagHistoryArchivalURIWithAlias       = FlagHistoryArchivalURI + ", huri"
	FlagVisibilityArchivalStatus          = "visibility_archival_status"
	FlagVisibilityArchivalStatusWithAlias = FlagVisibilityArchivalStatus + ", vas"
	FlagVisibilityArchivalURI             = "visibility_uri"
	FlagVisibilityArchivalURIWithAlias    = FlagVisibilityArchivalURI + ", vuri"
	FlagName                              = "name"
	FlagNameWithAlias                     = FlagName + ", n"
	FlagOutputFilename                    = "output_filename"
	FlagOutputFilenameWithAlias           = FlagOutputFilename + ", of"
	FlagOutputFormat                      = "output"
	FlagQueryType                         = "query_type"
	FlagQueryTypeWithAlias                = FlagQueryType + ", qt"
	FlagQueryRejectCondition              = "query_reject_condition"
	FlagQueryRejectConditionWithAlias     = FlagQueryRejectCondition + ", qrc"
	FlagQueryConsistencyLevel             = "query_consistency_level"
	FlagQueryConsistencyLevelWithAlias    = FlagQueryConsistencyLevel + ", qcl"
	FlagShowDetail                        = "show_detail"
	FlagShowDetailWithAlias               = FlagShowDetail + ", sd"
	FlagActiveClusterName                 = "active_cluster"
	FlagActiveClusterNameWithAlias        = FlagActiveClusterName + ", ac"
	FlagClusters                          = "clusters"
	FlagClustersWithAlias                 = FlagClusters + ", cl"
	FlagIsGlobalDomain                    = "global_domain"
	FlagIsGlobalDomainWithAlias           = FlagIsGlobalDomain + ", gd"
	FlagDomainData                        = "domain_data"
	FlagDomainDataWithAlias               = FlagDomainData + ", dmd"
	FlagEventID                           = "event_id"
	FlagEventIDWithAlias                  = FlagEventID + ", eid"
	FlagActivityID                        = "activity_id"
	FlagActivityIDWithAlias               = FlagActivityID + ", aid"
	FlagMaxFieldLength                    = "max_field_length"
	FlagMaxFieldLengthWithAlias           = FlagMaxFieldLength + ", maxl"
	FlagSecurityToken                     = "security_token"
	FlagSecurityTokenWithAlias            = FlagSecurityToken + ", st"
	FlagSkipErrorMode                     = "skip_errors"
	FlagTimerType                         = "timer_type"
	FlagSkipErrorModeWithAlias            = FlagSkipErrorMode + ", serr"
	FlagHeadersMode                       = "headers"
	FlagHeadersModeWithAlias              = FlagHeadersMode + ", he"
	FlagMessageType                       = "message_type"
	FlagMessageTypeWithAlias              = FlagMessageType + ", mt"
	FlagURL                               = "url"
	FlagMuttleyDestination                = "muttely_destination"
	FlagMuttleyDestinationWithAlias       = FlagMuttleyDestination + ", muttley"
	FlagIndex                             = "index"
	FlagBatchSize                         = "batch_size"
	FlagBatchSizeWithAlias                = FlagBatchSize + ", bs"
	FlagMemoKey                           = "memo_key"
	FlagMemo                              = "memo"
	FlagMemoFile                          = "memo_file"
	FlagSearchAttributesKey               = "search_attr_key"
	FlagSearchAttributesVal               = "search_attr_value"
	FlagSearchAttributesType              = "search_attr_type"
	FlagAddBadBinary                      = "add_bad_binary"
	FlagRemoveBadBinary                   = "remove_bad_binary"
	FlagResetType                         = "reset_type"
	FlagResetPointsOnly                   = "reset_points_only"
	FlagResetBadBinaryChecksum            = "reset_bad_binary_checksum"
	FlagSkipSignalReapply                 = "skip_signal_reapply"
	FlagListQuery                         = "query"
	FlagListQueryWithAlias                = FlagListQuery + ", q"
	FlagBatchType                         = "batch_type"
	FlagBatchTypeWithAlias                = FlagBatchType + ", bt"
	FlagSignalName                        = "signal_name"
	FlagSignalNameWithAlias               = FlagSignalName + ", sig"
	FlagTaskID                            = "task_id"
	FlagTaskType                          = "task_type"
	FlagTaskVisibilityTimestamp           = "task_timestamp"
	FlagQueueType                         = "queue_type"
	FlagStartingRPS                       = "starting_rps"
	FlagRPS                               = "rps"
	FlagRPSScaleUpSeconds                 = "rps_scale_up_seconds"
	FlagJobID                             = "job_id"
	FlagJobIDWithAlias                    = FlagJobID + ", jid"
	FlagYes                               = "yes"
	FlagServiceConfigDir                  = "service_config_dir"
	FlagServiceConfigDirWithAlias         = FlagServiceConfigDir + ", scd"
	FlagServiceEnv                        = "service_env"
	FlagServiceEnvWithAlias               = FlagServiceEnv + ", se"
	FlagServiceZone                       = "service_zone"
	FlagServiceZoneWithAlias              = FlagServiceZone + ", sz"
	FlagEnableTLS                         = "tls"
	FlagTLSCertPath                       = "tls_cert_path"
	FlagTLSKeyPath                        = "tls_key_path"
	FlagTLSCaPath                         = "tls_ca_path"
	FlagTLSEnableHostVerification         = "tls_enable_host_verification"
	FlagDLQType                           = "dlq_type"
	FlagDLQTypeWithAlias                  = FlagDLQType + ", dt"
	FlagDLQRawTask                        = "dlq_raw_task"
	FlagMaxMessageCount                   = "max_message_count"
	FlagMaxMessageCountWithAlias          = FlagMaxMessageCount + ", mmc"
	FlagLastMessageID                     = "last_message_id"
	FlagLastMessageIDWithAlias            = FlagLastMessageID + ", lm"
	FlagConcurrency                       = "concurrency"
	FlagReportRate                        = "report_rate"
	FlagLowerShardBound                   = "lower_shard_bound"
	FlagUpperShardBound                   = "upper_shard_bound"
	FlagInputDirectory                    = "input_directory"
	FlagSkipHistoryChecks                 = "skip_history_checks"
	FlagFailoverType                      = "failover_type"
	FlagFailoverTypeWithAlias             = FlagFailoverType + ", ft"
	FlagFailoverTimeout                   = "failover_timeout_seconds"
	FlagFailoverTimeoutWithAlias          = FlagFailoverTimeout + ", fts"
	FlagFailoverWaitTime                  = "failover_wait_time_second"
	FlagFailoverWaitTimeWithAlias         = FlagFailoverWaitTime + ", fwts"
	FlagFailoverBatchSize                 = "failover_batch_size"
	FlagFailoverBatchSizeWithAlias        = FlagFailoverBatchSize + ", fbs"
	FlagFailoverDomains                   = "domains"
	FlagFailoverDrillWaitTime             = "failover_drill_wait_second"
	FlagFailoverDrillWaitTimeWithAlias    = FlagFailoverDrillWaitTime + ", fdws"
	FlagFailoverDrill                     = "failover_drill"
	FlagFailoverDrillWithAlias            = FlagFailoverDrill + ", fd"
	FlagRetryInterval                     = "retry_interval"
	FlagRetryAttempts                     = "retry_attempts"
	FlagRetryExpiration                   = "retry_expiration"
	FlagRetryBackoff                      = "retry_backoff"
	FlagRetryMaxInterval                  = "retry_max_interval"
	FlagHeaderKey                         = "header_key"
	FlagHeaderValue                       = "header_value"
	FlagHeaderFile                        = "header_file"
	FlagStartDate                         = "start_date"
	FlagEndDate                           = "end_date"
	FlagDateFormat                        = "date_format"
	FlagShardMultiplier                   = "shard_multiplier"
	FlagBucketSize                        = "bucket_size"
	DelayStartSeconds                     = "delay_start_seconds"
	FlagConnectionAttributes              = "conn_attrs"

Flags used to specify cli command line arguments


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var (
	DefaultClientOptions = cclient.Options{
		FeatureFlags: cc.ToClientFeatureFlags(&cc.DefaultCLIFeatureFlags),


func AdminAddSearchAttribute added in v0.6.0

func AdminAddSearchAttribute(c *cli.Context)

AdminAddSearchAttribute to whitelist search attribute

func AdminCatIndices added in v0.5.3

func AdminCatIndices(c *cli.Context)

AdminCatIndices cat indices for ES cluster

func AdminCloseShard added in v0.15.0

func AdminCloseShard(c *cli.Context)

AdminCloseShard closes shard by shard id

func AdminDBClean added in v0.13.0

func AdminDBClean(c *cli.Context)

AdminDBClean is the command to clean up unhealthy executions. Input is a JSON stream provided via STDIN or a file.

func AdminDBScan added in v0.13.0

func AdminDBScan(c *cli.Context)

AdminDBScan is used to scan over executions in database and detect corruptions.

func AdminDBScanUnsupportedWorkflow added in v0.16.0

func AdminDBScanUnsupportedWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

AdminDBScanUnsupportedWorkflow is to scan DB for unsupported workflow for a new release

func AdminDelete added in v0.9.0

func AdminDelete(c *cli.Context)

AdminDelete used to delete documents from ElasticSearch with input of list result

func AdminDeleteWorkflow added in v0.5.0

func AdminDeleteWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

AdminDeleteWorkflow delete a workflow execution for admin

func AdminDescribeCluster added in v0.11.0

func AdminDescribeCluster(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeCluster is used to dump information about the cluster

func AdminDescribeHistoryHost added in v0.3.13

func AdminDescribeHistoryHost(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeHistoryHost describes history host

func AdminDescribeQueue added in v0.15.0

func AdminDescribeQueue(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeQueue describes task processing queue states

func AdminDescribeShard added in v0.14.0

func AdminDescribeShard(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeShard describes shard by shard id

func AdminDescribeShardDistribution added in v0.22.0

func AdminDescribeShardDistribution(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeShardDistribution describes shard distribution

func AdminDescribeTaskList added in v0.5.7

func AdminDescribeTaskList(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeTaskList displays poller and status information of task list.

func AdminDescribeWorkflow added in v0.3.13

func AdminDescribeWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

AdminDescribeWorkflow describe a new workflow execution for admin

func AdminFailoverAbort added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverAbort(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverAbort abort a failover workflow

func AdminFailoverList added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverList(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverList list failover runs

func AdminFailoverPause added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverPause(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverPause pause failover workflow

func AdminFailoverQuery added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverQuery(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverQuery query a failover workflow

func AdminFailoverResume added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverResume(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverResume resume a paused failover workflow

func AdminFailoverRollback added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverRollback(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverRollback rollback a failover run

func AdminFailoverStart added in v0.15.0

func AdminFailoverStart(c *cli.Context)

AdminFailoverStart start failover workflow

func AdminGetDLQMessages added in v0.12.0

func AdminGetDLQMessages(c *cli.Context)

AdminGetDLQMessages gets DLQ metadata

func AdminGetDomainIDOrName added in v0.5.0

func AdminGetDomainIDOrName(c *cli.Context)

AdminGetDomainIDOrName map domain

func AdminGetShardID added in v0.5.0

func AdminGetShardID(c *cli.Context)

AdminGetShardID get shardID

func AdminIndex added in v0.5.3

func AdminIndex(c *cli.Context)

AdminIndex used to bulk insert message from kafka parse

func AdminKafkaParse added in v0.5.0

func AdminKafkaParse(c *cli.Context)

AdminKafkaParse parses the output of k8read and outputs replication tasks

func AdminMergeDLQMessages added in v0.12.0

func AdminMergeDLQMessages(c *cli.Context)

AdminMergeDLQMessages merges message from DLQ

func AdminPurgeDLQMessages added in v0.12.0

func AdminPurgeDLQMessages(c *cli.Context)

AdminPurgeDLQMessages deletes messages from DLQ

func AdminRebalanceList added in v0.22.0

func AdminRebalanceList(c *cli.Context)

func AdminRebalanceStart added in v0.22.0

func AdminRebalanceStart(c *cli.Context)

func AdminRefreshWorkflowTasks added in v0.12.0

func AdminRefreshWorkflowTasks(c *cli.Context)

AdminRefreshWorkflowTasks refreshes all the tasks of a workflow

func AdminRemoveTask added in v0.9.0

func AdminRemoveTask(c *cli.Context)

AdminRemoveTask describes history host

func AdminRereplicate added in v0.5.0

func AdminRereplicate(c *cli.Context)

AdminRereplicate parses will re-publish replication tasks to topic

func AdminResetQueue added in v0.15.0

func AdminResetQueue(c *cli.Context)

AdminResetQueue resets task processing queue states

func AdminSetShardRangeID added in v0.16.0

func AdminSetShardRangeID(c *cli.Context)

AdminSetShardRangeID set shard rangeID by shard id

func AdminShowWorkflow added in v0.5.0

func AdminShowWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

AdminShowWorkflow shows history

func AdminTimers added in v0.14.0

func AdminTimers(c *cli.Context)

AdminTimers is used to list scheduled timers.

func CancelWorkflow

func CancelWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

CancelWorkflow cancels a workflow execution

func ColorEvent added in v0.3.11

func ColorEvent(e *s.HistoryEvent) string

ColorEvent takes an event and return string with color Event with color mapping rules:

Failed - red
Timeout - yellow
Canceled - magenta
Completed - green
Started - blue
Others - default (white/black)

func CompleteActivity added in v0.5.7

func CompleteActivity(c *cli.Context)

CompleteActivity completes an activity

func CountWorkflow added in v0.6.0

func CountWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

CountWorkflow count number of workflows

func DescribeBatchJob added in v0.7.0

func DescribeBatchJob(c *cli.Context)

DescribeBatchJob describe the status of the batch job

func DescribeTaskList

func DescribeTaskList(c *cli.Context)

DescribeTaskList show pollers info of a given tasklist

func DescribeWorkflow added in v0.3.11

func DescribeWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

DescribeWorkflow show information about the specified workflow execution

func DescribeWorkflowWithID added in v0.3.11

func DescribeWorkflowWithID(c *cli.Context)

DescribeWorkflowWithID show information about the specified workflow execution

func ErrorAndExit

func ErrorAndExit(msg string, err error)

ErrorAndExit print easy to understand error msg first then error detail in a new line

func FailActivity added in v0.5.7

func FailActivity(c *cli.Context)

FailActivity fails an activity

func GenerateReport added in v0.8.0

func GenerateReport(c *cli.Context)

GenerateReport generate report for an aggregation query to ES

func GetHistory

func GetHistory(ctx context.Context, workflowClient client.Client, workflowID, runID string) (*s.History, error)

GetHistory helper method to iterate over all pages and return complete list of history events

func GetSearchAttributes added in v0.5.9

func GetSearchAttributes(c *cli.Context)

GetSearchAttributes get valid search attributes

func HistoryEventToString

func HistoryEventToString(e *s.HistoryEvent, printFully bool, maxFieldLength int) string

HistoryEventToString convert HistoryEvent to string

func ListAllWorkflow added in v0.3.11

func ListAllWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

ListAllWorkflow list all workflow executions based on filters

func ListArchivedWorkflow added in v0.9.3

func ListArchivedWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

ListArchivedWorkflow lists archived workflow executions based on filters

func ListBatchJobs added in v0.7.0

func ListBatchJobs(c *cli.Context)

ListBatchJobs list the started batch jobs

func ListTaskListPartitions added in v0.12.0

func ListTaskListPartitions(c *cli.Context)

ListTaskListPartitions gets all the tasklist partition and host information.

func ListWorkflow

func ListWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

ListWorkflow list workflow executions based on filters

func NewCliApp

func NewCliApp() *cli.App

NewCliApp instantiates a new instance of the CLI application.

func ObserveHistory added in v0.3.11

func ObserveHistory(c *cli.Context)

ObserveHistory show the process of running workflow

func ObserveHistoryWithID added in v0.3.11

func ObserveHistoryWithID(c *cli.Context)

ObserveHistoryWithID show the process of running workflow

func QueryWorkflow

func QueryWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

QueryWorkflow query workflow execution

func QueryWorkflowUsingStackTrace

func QueryWorkflowUsingStackTrace(c *cli.Context)

QueryWorkflowUsingStackTrace query workflow execution using __stack_trace as query type

func ResetInBatch added in v0.5.8

func ResetInBatch(c *cli.Context)

ResetInBatch resets workflow in batch

func ResetWorkflow added in v0.5.2

func ResetWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

ResetWorkflow reset workflow

func RunWorkflow

func RunWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

RunWorkflow starts a new workflow execution and print workflow progress and result

func ScanAllWorkflow added in v0.9.0

func ScanAllWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

ScanAllWorkflow list all workflow executions using Scan API. It should be faster than ListAllWorkflow, but result are not sorted.

func SetFactory added in v0.5.0

func SetFactory(factory ClientFactory)

SetFactory is used to set the ClientFactory global

func SetRequiredDomainDataKeys added in v0.3.14

func SetRequiredDomainDataKeys(keys []string)

SetRequiredDomainDataKeys will set requiredDomainDataKeys

func ShowHistory

func ShowHistory(c *cli.Context)

ShowHistory shows the history of given workflow execution based on workflowID and runID.

func ShowHistoryWithWID

func ShowHistoryWithWID(c *cli.Context)

ShowHistoryWithWID shows the history of given workflow with workflow_id

func SignalWithStartWorkflowExecution added in v0.18.0

func SignalWithStartWorkflowExecution(c *cli.Context)

SignalWithStartWorkflowExecution starts a workflow execution if not already exists and signals it

func SignalWorkflow

func SignalWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

SignalWorkflow signals a workflow execution

func StartBatchJob added in v0.7.0

func StartBatchJob(c *cli.Context)

StartBatchJob starts a batch job

func StartWorkflow

func StartWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

StartWorkflow starts a new workflow execution

func TerminateBatchJob added in v0.7.0

func TerminateBatchJob(c *cli.Context)

TerminateBatchJob stops abatch job

func TerminateWorkflow

func TerminateWorkflow(c *cli.Context)

TerminateWorkflow terminates a workflow execution


type ClientFactory added in v0.5.0

type ClientFactory interface {
	ClientFrontendClient(c *cli.Context) clientFrontend.Interface
	ServerFrontendClient(c *cli.Context) frontend.Client
	ServerAdminClient(c *cli.Context) admin.Client

ClientFactory is used to construct rpc clients

func NewClientFactory added in v0.5.0

func NewClientFactory() ClientFactory

NewClientFactory creates a new ClientFactory

type ClustersConfig added in v0.5.0

type ClustersConfig struct {
	Clusters map[string]config.ClusterConfig
	TLS      config.TLS

ClustersConfig describes the kafka clusters

type Histogram added in v0.14.0

type Histogram struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Histogram holds the occurrence count for each key

func NewHistogram added in v0.14.0

func NewHistogram() *Histogram

NewHistogram creates a new Histogram

func (*Histogram) Add added in v0.14.0

func (h *Histogram) Add(key string)

Add will increment occurrence count of the key

func (*Histogram) Len added in v0.14.0

func (h *Histogram) Len() int

func (*Histogram) Less added in v0.14.0

func (h *Histogram) Less(i, j int) bool

func (*Histogram) Print added in v0.14.0

func (h *Histogram) Print(multiplier int) error

Print will output histogram with key and counter information.

func (*Histogram) Swap added in v0.14.0

func (h *Histogram) Swap(i, j int)

type JSONHistorySerializer

type JSONHistorySerializer struct{}

JSONHistorySerializer is used to encode history event in JSON

func (*JSONHistorySerializer) Deserialize

func (j *JSONHistorySerializer) Deserialize(data []byte) (*s.History, error)

Deserialize deserializes history

func (*JSONHistorySerializer) Serialize

func (j *JSONHistorySerializer) Serialize(h *s.History) ([]byte, error)

Serialize serializes history.

type LoadCloser added in v0.22.0

type LoadCloser interface {
	Load() []*persistence.TimerTaskInfo

LoadCloser loads timer task information

func NewDBLoadCloser added in v0.22.0

func NewDBLoadCloser(c *cli.Context) LoadCloser

NewDBLoadCloser creates a new LoadCloser to load timer task information from database

func NewFileLoadCloser added in v0.22.0

func NewFileLoadCloser(c *cli.Context) LoadCloser

NewFileLoadCloser creates a new LoadCloser to load timer task information from file

type Printer added in v0.14.0

type Printer interface {
	Print(timers []*persistence.TimerTaskInfo) error

Printer prints timer task information

func NewHistogramPrinter added in v0.14.0

func NewHistogramPrinter(c *cli.Context, timeFormat string) Printer

NewHistogramPrinter creates a new Printer to display timer task information in a histogram

func NewJSONPrinter added in v0.14.0

func NewJSONPrinter(c *cli.Context) Printer

NewJSONPrinter creates a new Printer to display timer task information in a JSON format

type Reporter added in v0.14.0

type Reporter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Reporter wraps LoadCloser, Printer and a filter on time task type and domainID

func NewReporter added in v0.14.0

func NewReporter(domain string, timerTypes []int, loader LoadCloser, printer Printer) *Reporter

NewReporter creates a new Reporter

func (*Reporter) Report added in v0.14.0

func (r *Reporter) Report() error

Report loads, filters and prints timer tasks

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