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Package systemd implements integration between snappy interfaces and arbitrary systemd units that may be required for "oneshot" style tasks.



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type Backend

type Backend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Backend is responsible for maintaining apparmor profiles for ubuntu-core-launcher.

func (*Backend) Initialize

func (b *Backend) Initialize(opts *interfaces.SecurityBackendOptions) error

Initialize does nothing.

func (*Backend) Name

func (b *Backend) Name() interfaces.SecuritySystem

Name returns the name of the backend.

func (*Backend) NewSpecification

func (b *Backend) NewSpecification() interfaces.Specification

NewSpecification returns a new systemd specification.

func (*Backend) Remove

func (b *Backend) Remove(snapName string) error

Remove disables, stops and removes systemd services of a given snap.

func (*Backend) SandboxFeatures

func (b *Backend) SandboxFeatures() []string

SandboxFeatures returns nil

func (*Backend) Setup

func (b *Backend) Setup(snapInfo *snap.Info, confinement interfaces.ConfinementOptions, repo *interfaces.Repository, tm timings.Measurer) error

Setup creates and starts systemd services specific to a given snap.

This method should be called after changing plug, slots, connections between them or application present in the snap.

type Service

type Service struct {
	Description     string
	Type            string
	RemainAfterExit bool
	ExecStart       string
	ExecStop        string

Service describes a single systemd service file

func (*Service) String

func (s *Service) String() string

type Specification

type Specification struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Specification assists in collecting custom systemd services associated with an interface.

Unlike the Backend itself (which is stateless and non-persistent) this type holds internal state that is used by the systemd backend during the interface setup process.

func (*Specification) AddConnectedPlug

func (spec *Specification) AddConnectedPlug(iface interfaces.Interface, plug *interfaces.ConnectedPlug, slot *interfaces.ConnectedSlot) error

AddConnectedPlug records systemd-specific side-effects of having a connected plug.

func (*Specification) AddConnectedSlot

func (spec *Specification) AddConnectedSlot(iface interfaces.Interface, plug *interfaces.ConnectedPlug, slot *interfaces.ConnectedSlot) error

AddConnectedSlot records systemd-specific side-effects of having a connected slot.

func (*Specification) AddPermanentPlug

func (spec *Specification) AddPermanentPlug(iface interfaces.Interface, plug *snap.PlugInfo) error

AddPermanentPlug records systemd-specific side-effects of having a plug.

func (*Specification) AddPermanentSlot

func (spec *Specification) AddPermanentSlot(iface interfaces.Interface, slot *snap.SlotInfo) error

AddPermanentSlot records systemd-specific side-effects of having a slot.

func (*Specification) AddService

func (spec *Specification) AddService(distinctServiceSuffix string, s *Service) error

AddService adds a new systemd service unit. distinctServiceSuffix is used to name the service and needs to be unique. Different interfaces should use different suffixes and different plugs/slots should also use distinct ones. Uniqueness across snaps is taken care of implicitly elsewhere.

func (*Specification) Services

func (spec *Specification) Services() map[string]*Service

Services returns a deep copy of all the added services keyed by their service suffix.

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