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type Point

type Point struct {
	Value     float64
	Timestamp int64

Point value/time pair

type Points

type Points struct {
	Metric string
	Data   []*Point

Points from carbon clients

func New

func New() *Points

New creates new instance of Points

func NowPoint added in v0.7.1

func NowPoint(metric string, value float64) *Points

NowPoint create OnePoint with now timestamp

func OnePoint

func OnePoint(metric string, value float64, timestamp int64) *Points

OnePoint create Points instance with single point

func ParsePickle

func ParsePickle(pkt []byte) ([]*Points, error)

ParsePickle ...

func ParseText

func ParseText(line string) (*Points, error)

ParseText parse text protocol Point

host.Point.value 42 1422641531\n

func (*Points) Add

func (p *Points) Add(value float64, timestamp int64) *Points

Add value/timestamp pair to points

func (*Points) Append

func (p *Points) Append(onePoint *Point) *Points

Append point

func (*Points) Copy

func (p *Points) Copy() *Points

Copy returns copy of object

func (*Points) Eq

func (p *Points) Eq(other *Points) bool

Eq points check

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