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Code generated by github.com/actgardner/gogen-avro. DO NOT EDIT.

*     evolution.avsc

Code generated by github.com/actgardner/gogen-avro. DO NOT EDIT.

*     evolution.avsc



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const PrimitiveTestRecordAvroCRC64Fingerprint = "VL:(h\xc7\xd4w"


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func NewPrimitiveTestRecordWriter

func NewPrimitiveTestRecordWriter(writer io.Writer, codec container.Codec, recordsPerBlock int64) (*container.Writer, error)


type PrimitiveTestRecord

type PrimitiveTestRecord struct {
	LongField int64

	StringField string

	FloatField float32

	BytesField []byte

	DoubleField float64

	IntField int32

	BoolField bool

	NewString string

func DeserializePrimitiveTestRecord

func DeserializePrimitiveTestRecord(r io.Reader) (*PrimitiveTestRecord, error)

func DeserializePrimitiveTestRecordFromSchema

func DeserializePrimitiveTestRecordFromSchema(r io.Reader, schema string) (*PrimitiveTestRecord, error)

func NewPrimitiveTestRecord

func NewPrimitiveTestRecord() *PrimitiveTestRecord

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) AppendArray

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) AppendArray() types.Field

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) AppendMap

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) AppendMap(key string) types.Field

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) AvroCRC64Fingerprint

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) AvroCRC64Fingerprint() []byte

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) Finalize

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) Finalize()

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) Get

func (r *PrimitiveTestRecord) Get(i int) types.Field

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) Schema

func (r *PrimitiveTestRecord) Schema() string

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SchemaName

func (r *PrimitiveTestRecord) SchemaName() string

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) Serialize

func (r *PrimitiveTestRecord) Serialize(w io.Writer) error

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetBoolean

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetBoolean(v bool)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetBytes

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetBytes(v []byte)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetDefault

func (r *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetDefault(i int)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetDouble

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetDouble(v float64)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetFloat

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetFloat(v float32)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetInt

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetInt(v int32)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetLong

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetLong(v int64)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetString

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetString(v string)

func (*PrimitiveTestRecord) SetUnionElem

func (_ *PrimitiveTestRecord) SetUnionElem(v int64)

type PrimitiveTestRecordReader

type PrimitiveTestRecordReader struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

container reader

func NewPrimitiveTestRecordReader

func NewPrimitiveTestRecordReader(r io.Reader) (*PrimitiveTestRecordReader, error)

func (PrimitiveTestRecordReader) Read

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