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Published: May 14, 2022 License: MIT Imports: 3 Imported by: 8




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var CpuNum int
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var DiskStatsList = make(map[string][2]*collector.DiskStats)
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var NetIfList = make(map[string][2]*collector.NetIf)


func CpuBusy

func CpuBusy() float64

func CpuCnt

func CpuCnt() int

func CpuGuest

func CpuGuest() float64

func CpuIdle

func CpuIdle() float64

func CpuIowait

func CpuIowait() float64

func CpuIrq

func CpuIrq() float64

func CpuNice

func CpuNice() float64

func CpuSoftIrq

func CpuSoftIrq() float64

func CpuSteal

func CpuSteal() float64

func CpuSystem

func CpuSystem() float64

func CpuUser

func CpuUser() float64

func IODelta

func IODelta(device string, f func([2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64) uint64

func IOMsecRead

func IOMsecRead(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOMsecTotal

func IOMsecTotal(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOMsecWeightedTotal

func IOMsecWeightedTotal(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOMsecWrite

func IOMsecWrite(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOReadMerged

func IOReadMerged(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOReadRequests

func IOReadRequests(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOReadSectors

func IOReadSectors(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOWriteMerged

func IOWriteMerged(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOWriteRequests

func IOWriteRequests(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func IOWriteSectors

func IOWriteSectors(arr [2]*collector.DiskStats) uint64

func NetDroppedRate

func NetDroppedRate(iface string) int64

func NetReceiveBytesRate

func NetReceiveBytesRate(iface string) int64

func NetTotalBytesRate

func NetTotalBytesRate(iface string) int64

func NetTransmitBytesRate

func NetTransmitBytesRate(iface string) int64

func PortIsListen

func PortIsListen(port int64) bool

func UpdateCpuStat

func UpdateCpuStat() error

func UpdateDiskStats

func UpdateDiskStats() error

func UpdateIfStat

func UpdateIfStat() error


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