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Package types defines some internal types that are handled by the "builder" and "stmt" package.

RawContext, StdContext and NamedContext are used to generate queries.



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const (
	// InnerJoin has a "INNER JOIN" type.
	InnerJoin = JoinType("INNER JOIN")
	// LeftJoin has a "LEFT JOIN" type.
	LeftJoin = JoinType("LEFT JOIN")
	// RightJoin has a "RIGHT JOIN" type.
	RightJoin = JoinType("RIGHT JOIN")
	// LeftOuterJoin has a "LEFT OUTER JOIN" type.
	LeftOuterJoin = JoinType("LEFT OUTER JOIN")
	// RightOuterJoin has a "RIGHT OUTER JOIN" type.
	RightOuterJoin = JoinType("RIGHT OUTER JOIN")

Join types.

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const (
	And = LogicalOperator("AND")
	Or  = LogicalOperator("OR")
	Not = LogicalOperator("NOT")

Logical operators.

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const (
	Equal              = ComparisonOperator("=")
	NotEqual           = ComparisonOperator("!=")
	Is                 = ComparisonOperator("IS")
	IsNot              = ComparisonOperator("IS NOT")
	GreaterThan        = ComparisonOperator(">")
	GreaterThanOrEqual = ComparisonOperator(">=")
	LessThan           = ComparisonOperator("<")
	LessThanOrEqual    = ComparisonOperator("<=")
	In                 = ComparisonOperator("IN")
	NotIn              = ComparisonOperator("NOT IN")
	Like               = ComparisonOperator("LIKE")
	NotLike            = ComparisonOperator("NOT LIKE")
	ILike              = ComparisonOperator("ILIKE")
	NotILike           = ComparisonOperator("NOT ILIKE")
	Between            = ComparisonOperator("BETWEEN")
	NotBetween         = ComparisonOperator("NOT BETWEEN")

Comparison operators.

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const (
	// Asc indicates forward order.
	Asc = OrderType("ASC")
	// Desc indicates reverse order.
	Desc = OrderType("DESC")

Order types.


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type ComparisonOperator

type ComparisonOperator string

ComparisonOperator represents a comparison operator.

func (ComparisonOperator) String

func (e ComparisonOperator) String() string

type Context

type Context interface {
	Write(query string)
	Bind(value interface{})

A Context is passed to a root stmt.Statement to generate a query.

type JoinType

type JoinType string

JoinType represents a join type.

func (JoinType) String

func (e JoinType) String() string

type LogicalOperator

type LogicalOperator string

LogicalOperator represents a logical operator.

func (LogicalOperator) String

func (e LogicalOperator) String() string

type Map

type Map map[interface{}]interface{}

Map is a key/value map.

type NamedContext

type NamedContext struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NamedContext uses named query placeholders.

func (*NamedContext) Bind

func (ctx *NamedContext) Bind(value interface{})

Bind adds given value in context's values.

func (*NamedContext) Values

func (ctx *NamedContext) Values() map[string]interface{}

Values returns the named argument values.

type OrderType

type OrderType string

OrderType represents an order type.

func (OrderType) String

func (e OrderType) String() string

type Pair

type Pair struct {
	Key   interface{}
	Value interface{}

Pair is a key/value pair.

type RawContext

type RawContext struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RawContext embeds values directly in the query.

func (*RawContext) Bind

func (ctx *RawContext) Bind(value interface{})

Bind adds given value in context's values.

func (*RawContext) Query

func (ctx *RawContext) Query() string

Query returns the underlaying query.

func (*RawContext) Write

func (ctx *RawContext) Write(query string)

Write appends given subquery in context's buffer.

type StdContext

type StdContext struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StdContext uses positional query placeholders.

func (*StdContext) Bind

func (ctx *StdContext) Bind(value interface{})

Bind adds given value in context's values.

func (*StdContext) Values

func (ctx *StdContext) Values() []interface{}

Values returns the positional argument values.

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