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const (
	// StackSize is the maximum stack size.
	StackSize = 2048

	// GlobalsSize is the maximum number of global variables.
	GlobalsSize = 1024

	// MaxFrames is the maximum number of function frames.
	MaxFrames = 1024


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var ErrObjectAllocLimit = errors.New("object allocation limit exceeded")

ErrObjectAllocLimit is an objects allocation limit error.

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var ErrStackOverflow = errors.New("stack overflow")

ErrStackOverflow is a stack overflow error.


This section is empty.


type Frame

type Frame struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Frame represents a function call frame.

type VM

type VM struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

VM is a virtual machine that executes the bytecode compiled by Compiler.

func NewVM

func NewVM(bytecode *compiler.Bytecode, globals []objects.Object, maxAllocs int64) *VM

NewVM creates a VM.

func (*VM) Abort

func (v *VM) Abort()

Abort aborts the execution.

func (*VM) IsStackEmpty added in v1.19.2

func (v *VM) IsStackEmpty() bool

IsStackEmpty tests if the stack is empty or not.

func (*VM) Run

func (v *VM) Run() (err error)

Run starts the execution.

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