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type Logger

type Logger struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Logger implements a per-plan logger.

func New

func New(plan string, notrim bool) *Logger

New contypes a new per-plan logger.

func (*Logger) BeginOutput

func (l *Logger) BeginOutput()

BeginOutput demarcates an output section

func (*Logger) BuildStep

func (l *Logger) BuildStep(step, command string)

BuildStep logs a build step.

func (*Logger) CacheHit

func (l *Logger) CacheHit(imageID string)

CacheHit logs a cache hit.

func (*Logger) CopyPath

func (l *Logger) CopyPath(file1, file2 string)

CopyPath logs a copied path

func (*Logger) EndOutput

func (l *Logger) EndOutput()

EndOutput ends an output section

func (*Logger) Error

func (l *Logger) Error(err interface{})

Error prints an error to the terminal all fancy-like.

func (*Logger) EvalResponse

func (l *Logger) EvalResponse(response string)

EvalResponse logs the eval response

func (*Logger) Finish

func (l *Logger) Finish(response string)

Finish logs the finish.

func (*Logger) Good

func (l *Logger) Good(str string) string

Good reports a nice status in green to indicate successes.

func (*Logger) Notice

func (l *Logger) Notice(str string) string

Notice is an arbitrary message explaining what the heck is going on.

func (*Logger) Output

func (l *Logger) Output() io.Writer

Output returns the output buffer.

func (*Logger) Plan

func (l *Logger) Plan() string

Plan gets the plan name specified at construction time

func (*Logger) Print

func (l *Logger) Print(str string)

Print is a bare-bones print statement.

func (*Logger) Progress

func (l *Logger) Progress(prefix string, count float64)

Progress is a representation of a progress meter.

func (*Logger) Record

func (l *Logger) Record()

Record starts recording to the output buffer, which will be returned by the Output() method.

func (*Logger) Tag

func (l *Logger) Tag(name string)

Tag logs a tag

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