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golang plugin



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func IsGoKeyword

func IsGoKeyword(s string) bool

func IsGoPredeclaredIdentifier

func IsGoPredeclaredIdentifier(s string) bool

func Throws

func Throws(err error)


type Context

type Context struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

golang 对context提供的处理函数集合 其他基于 golang 的插件可以继承此类进行扩展

func NewContext

func NewContext(ctx *goku.Context) *Context

func (Context) FileGoPackage

func (c Context) FileGoPackage(file *descriptors.FileDescriptorProto) *GoPackage

File to GoPackage

func (Context) FuncMap

func (c Context) FuncMap() goku.FuncMap

func (Context) GoComments

func (c Context) GoComments(arg interface{}) string

GoComments returns golang style comments string

supported arg:
- string
- []string
- descriptors.DescriptorCommon
- descriptors.SourceCodeInfo_Location

func (Context) GoImport

func (c Context) GoImport(arg interface{}) string

GoImport returns golang style import line string.

func (Context) GoImportDependency

func (c Context) GoImportDependency(arg interface{}) string

GoImportDependency returns golang style import lines for file Dependency

func (Context) GoMarkImport

func (c Context) GoMarkImport(v interface{}) interface{}

GoMarkImport 标记导入 【v】 所在的包,并在最终生成代码时加入到 import 中

v: 能转化为 GoPackage 的对象,并且没有对【v】做任何修改,直接返回.

所以 GoMarkImport 可以放在 pipeline 的任意合适的位置(前一个pipeline必须返回【v】)

而 GoImport 必须放在 import 括号之中(直接生成了字符串)
还有 GoImportDependency 也必须放在 import 括号之中,但是副作用很大,

因为会导入proto文件中声明的所有 import,虽然最后生成代码时会自动 clean unused import.


func (Context) GoPackage

func (c Context) GoPackage(value interface{}) *GoPackage

func (Context) GoType

func (c Context) GoType(value interface{}) *GoType

interface To GoType

func (Context) GoTypeBase

func (c Context) GoTypeBase(v interface{}) string

返回基本类型名 []*a.T => T

func (Context) PbField2GoType

func (c Context) PbField2GoType(field *descriptors.FieldDescriptorProto) *GoType

Field to GoType

func (Context) PbType2GoType

func (c Context) PbType2GoType(pbType descriptors.ProtoType) *GoType

ProtoType to GoType

func (Context) RegisterPackage

func (c Context) RegisterPackage(pkg string, name string) *GoPackage

type GoFormatter

type GoFormatter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewGoFormatter

func NewGoFormatter(ctx *goku.Context) *GoFormatter

func (*GoFormatter) Format

func (c *GoFormatter) Format() []byte

type GoPackage

type GoPackage struct {
	Name       string // 包 别名
	ImportPath string // 包 全路径

func GetGoPackageByName

func GetGoPackageByName(name string) *GoPackage

func GetGoPackageByPath

func GetGoPackageByPath(importPath string) *GoPackage

func RegisterPackage

func RegisterPackage(pkg string, name string) *GoPackage

func (GoPackage) Import

func (p GoPackage) Import() string

func (GoPackage) String

func (p GoPackage) String() string

type GoType

type GoType struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*GoType) Copy

func (t *GoType) Copy() *GoType

func (*GoType) FormatPipeline

func (t *GoType) FormatPipeline(args helper.Args) (string, error)

implemented helper.FormatPipeline

func (*GoType) Import

func (t *GoType) Import() string

func (*GoType) Name

func (t *GoType) Name() string

func (*GoType) Package

func (t *GoType) Package() *GoPackage

func (*GoType) SetField

func (t *GoType) SetField(field string, value interface{}) *GoType

func (*GoType) SetPackage

func (t *GoType) SetPackage(value interface{}) *GoType

func (*GoType) SetPipeline

func (t *GoType) SetPipeline(field string, value interface{}) interface{}

implemented helper.SetPipeline

func (*GoType) SetPointer

func (t *GoType) SetPointer(value interface{}) *GoType

func (*GoType) String

func (t *GoType) String() string

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