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Package buildinfo holds build-time information like the velero version. This is a separate package so that other packages can import it without worrying about introducing circular dependencies.



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var (
	// Version is the current version of Velero, set by the go linker's -X flag at build time.
	Version string

	// GitSHA is the actual commit that is being built, set by the go linker's -X flag at build time.
	GitSHA string

	// GitTreeState indicates if the git tree is clean or dirty, set by the go linker's -X flag at build
	// time.
	GitTreeState string

	// ImageRegistry is the image registry that this build of Velero should use by default to pull the
	// Velero and Restic Restore Helper images from.
	ImageRegistry string


func FormattedGitSHA added in v0.5.0

func FormattedGitSHA() string

FormattedGitSHA renders the Git SHA with an indicator of the tree state.


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