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type EntityHandler

type EntityHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EntityHandler handles Subscription entity operations

func NewEntityHandler

func NewEntityHandler(store entitystore.EntityStore, manager Manager) *EntityHandler

NewEntityHandler returns new instance of EntityHandler

func (*EntityHandler) Add

func (h *EntityHandler) Add(ctx context.Context, obj entitystore.Entity) (err error)

Add handles adding new subscription entity

func (*EntityHandler) Delete

func (h *EntityHandler) Delete(ctx context.Context, obj entitystore.Entity) error

Delete handles subscription entity deletion

func (*EntityHandler) Error

func (h *EntityHandler) Error(ctx context.Context, obj entitystore.Entity) error

Error handles error state

func (*EntityHandler) Sync

func (h *EntityHandler) Sync(ctx context.Context, resyncPeriod time.Duration) ([]entitystore.Entity, error)

Sync is responsible for syncing the state of active subscriptions and their entities

func (*EntityHandler) Type

func (h *EntityHandler) Type() reflect.Type

Type returns entity handler type

func (*EntityHandler) Update

func (h *EntityHandler) Update(ctx context.Context, obj entitystore.Entity) (err error)

Update handles subscription entity update

type Handlers

type Handlers struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handlers is a base struct for event manager API handlers.

func NewHandlers

func NewHandlers(store entitystore.EntityStore, watcher controller.Watcher) *Handlers

NewHandlers Creates new instance of subscription handlers

func (*Handlers) ConfigureHandlers

func (h *Handlers) ConfigureHandlers(api middleware.RoutableAPI)

ConfigureHandlers configures API handlers for Subscription endpoints

type Manager

Manager defines the subscription manager interface

func NewManager

func NewManager(mq events.Transport, fnClient client.FunctionsClient) (Manager, error)

NewManager creates a new subscription manager


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