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Published: Feb 15, 2024 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 3 Imported by: 23




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const (
	// AntreaEnterpriseID is the enterprise ID for Antrea Information Elements
	AntreaEnterpriseID uint32 = 56506
	// IANAEnterpriseID is the enterprise ID for IANA Information Elements
	IANAEnterpriseID uint32 = 0
	// Enterprise ID for reverse Information Elements
	IANAReversedEnterpriseID uint32 = 29305
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const (
	FlowTypeIntraNode    = uint8(1)
	FlowTypeInterNode    = uint8(2)
	FlowTypeToExternal   = uint8(3)
	FlowTypeFromExternal = uint8(4)

enum for flowType field in Antrea registry.

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const (
	NetworkPolicyRuleActionNoAction = uint8(0)
	NetworkPolicyRuleActionAllow    = uint8(1)
	NetworkPolicyRuleActionDrop     = uint8(2)
	NetworkPolicyRuleActionReject   = uint8(3)

enum for ingressNetworkPolicyRuleAction and egressNetworkPolicyRuleAction field in Antrea registry.

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const (
	PolicyTypeK8sNetworkPolicy           = uint8(1)
	PolicyTypeAntreaNetworkPolicy        = uint8(2)
	PolicyTypeAntreaClusterNetworkPolicy = uint8(3)

enum for ingressNetworkPolicyType and egressNetworkPolicyType field in Antrea registry.

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const (
	IdleTimeoutReason   = uint8(0x01)
	ActiveTimeoutReason = uint8(0x02)
	EndOfFlowReason     = uint8(0x03)

enum for flowEndReason field in IANA registry. List of RFC supported reasons:

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const (
	K8sNetworkPolicyRulePriority = int32(-1)

placeholder of NetworkPolicyRulePriority for K8s Network Policy.


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func GetInfoElement added in v0.2.0

func GetInfoElement(name string, enterpriseID uint32) (*entities.InfoElement, error)

func GetInfoElementFromID added in v0.2.0

func GetInfoElementFromID(elementID uint16, enterpriseID uint32) (*entities.InfoElement, error)

func InitNewRegistry added in v0.5.13

func InitNewRegistry(customEnterpriseID uint32) error

func LoadRegistry added in v0.2.0

func LoadRegistry()

func PutInfoElement added in v0.5.13

func PutInfoElement(ie entities.InfoElement, enterpriseID uint32) error


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