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func DigestFromTarget

func DigestFromTarget(t Target) (string, error)

DigestFromTarget get a target and return the value of digest, in accordance to Docker-Content-Digest


type Target

type Target struct {
	Tag    string      `json:"tag"`
	Hashes data.Hashes `json:"hashes"`

Target represents the json object of a target of a docker image in notary. The struct will be used when repository is know so it won'g contain the name of a repository.

func GetInternalTargets

func GetInternalTargets(notaryEndpoint string, username string, repo string) ([]Target, error)

GetInternalTargets wraps GetTargets to read config values for getting full-qualified repo from internal notary instance.

func GetTargets

func GetTargets(notaryEndpoint string, username string, fqRepo string) ([]Target, error)

GetTargets is a help function called by API to fetch signature information of a given repository. Per docker's convention the repository should contain the information of endpoint, i.e. it should look like "", instead of "library/ubuntu" (fqRepo for fully-qualified repo)

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