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type CliReader

type CliReader func(c *cli.Context) (Middleware, error)

Reader constructs the middleware from the CLI interface

type Middleware

type Middleware interface {
	// Returns vulcan library compatible middleware
	NewMiddleware() (middleware.Middleware, error)

type MiddlewareSpec

type MiddlewareSpec struct {
	Type string
	// Reader function that returns a middleware from another middleware structure
	FromOther interface{}
	// Flags for CLI tool to generate interface
	CliFlags []cli.Flag
	// Function that construtcs a middleware from CLI parameters
	FromCli CliReader

Middleware specification, used to construct new middlewares and plug them into CLI API and backends

func (*MiddlewareSpec) FromJSON

func (ms *MiddlewareSpec) FromJSON(data []byte) (Middleware, error)

type Registry

type Registry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Registry contains currently registered middlewares and used to support pluggable middlewares across all modules of the vulcand

func NewRegistry

func NewRegistry() *Registry

func (*Registry) AddSpec

func (r *Registry) AddSpec(s *MiddlewareSpec) error

func (*Registry) GetSpec

func (r *Registry) GetSpec(middlewareType string) *MiddlewareSpec

func (*Registry) GetSpecs

func (r *Registry) GetSpecs() []*MiddlewareSpec

type SpecGetter

type SpecGetter func(string) *MiddlewareSpec

Function that returns middleware spec by it's type

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This file will be generated to include all customer specific middlewares

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