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func NewREST

func NewREST(registry Registry) apiserver.RESTStorage

NewStorage returns a new REST.


type REST

type REST struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

REST implements the RESTStorage interface in terms of an Registry.

func (*REST) Create

func (s *REST) Create(ctx kapi.Context, obj runtime.Object) (<-chan apiserver.RESTResult, error)

Create registers the given AuthorizeToken.

func (*REST) Delete

func (s *REST) Delete(ctx kapi.Context, id string) (<-chan apiserver.RESTResult, error)

Delete asynchronously deletes an AuthorizeToken specified by its id.

func (*REST) Get

func (s *REST) Get(ctx kapi.Context, id string) (runtime.Object, error)

Get retrieves an AuthorizeToken by id.

func (*REST) List

func (s *REST) List(ctx kapi.Context, selector, fields labels.Selector) (runtime.Object, error)

List retrieves a list of AuthorizeTokens that match selector.

func (*REST) New

func (s *REST) New() runtime.Object

New returns a new AuthorizeToken for use with Create and Update.

func (*REST) NewList

func (*REST) NewList() runtime.Object

func (*REST) Update

func (s *REST) Update(ctx kapi.Context, obj runtime.Object) (<-chan apiserver.RESTResult, error)

Update is not supported for AuthorizeTokens, as they are immutable.

type Registry

type Registry interface {
	// ListAuthorizeTokens obtains a list of authorize tokens that match a selector.
	ListAuthorizeTokens(selector labels.Selector) (*api.AuthorizeTokenList, error)
	// GetAuthorizeToken retrieves a specific authorize token.
	GetAuthorizeToken(name string) (*api.AuthorizeToken, error)
	// CreateAuthorizeToken creates a new authorize token.
	CreateAuthorizeToken(token *api.AuthorizeToken) error
	// UpdateAuthorizeToken updates an authorize token.
	UpdateAuthorizeToken(token *api.AuthorizeToken) error
	// DeleteAuthorizeToken deletes an authorize token.
	DeleteAuthorizeToken(name string) error

Registry is an interface for things that know how to store AuthorizeToken objects.

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