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const (
	EQ  operator = "="
	NEQ operator = "!="
	LT  operator = "<"
	LTE operator = "<="
	GT  operator = ">"
	GTE operator = ">="

    Supported operations


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    type Nullable

    type Nullable interface {
    	IsZero() bool

      Nullable object

      type WhereQueryMod

      type WhereQueryMod struct {
      	Clause string
      	Args   []interface{}

        WhereQueryMod allows construction of where clauses

        func Where

        func Where(name string, operator operator, value interface{}) WhereQueryMod

          Where is a helper for doing operations on primitive types

          func WhereIsNotNull

          func WhereIsNotNull(name string) WhereQueryMod

            WhereIsNotNull is a helper that just returns "name is not null"

            func WhereIsNull

            func WhereIsNull(name string) WhereQueryMod

              WhereIsNull is a helper that just returns "name is null"

              func WhereNullEQ

              func WhereNullEQ(name string, negated bool, value interface{}) WhereQueryMod

                WhereNullEQ is a helper for doing equality with null types

                func (WhereQueryMod) Apply

                func (qm WhereQueryMod) Apply(q *queries.Query)

                  Apply implements QueryMod.Apply.

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