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const (
	// IdentityLevel is the current level of identities
	IdentityLevel = 2
	// AffiliationLevel is the current level of affiliations
	AffiliationLevel = 1
	// CertificateLevel is the current level of certificates
	CertificateLevel = 1

Current levels which are incremented each time there is a change which requires database migration


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var Version = "1.4.0"

Version specifies fabric-ca-client/fabric-ca-server version It is defined by the Makefile and passed in with ldflags


func CmpVersion

func CmpVersion(v1, v2 string) (int, error)

CmpVersion compares version v1 to v2. Return 0 if equal, 1 if v2 > v1, or -1 if v2 < v1.

func GetLevels

func GetLevels(version string) (*dbutil.Levels, error)

GetLevels returns the levels for a particular version

func GetVersion

func GetVersion() string

GetVersion returns the version

func GetVersionInfo

func GetVersionInfo(prgName string) string

GetVersionInfo returns version information for the fabric-ca-client/fabric-ca-server


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