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type Context

type Context interface {
	// Bind is a helper function which binds the request body to a provided value to be parsed as JSON
	Bind(value interface{}) (err error)
	// Param will return the associated parameter value with the provided key
	Param(key string) (value string)
	// AddHook will append a new hook to the Context
	AddHook(hook Hook)

	// Get will retrieve a value for a provided key from the Context's internal storage
	Get(key string) (value string)
	// Put will set a value for a provided key into the Context's internal storage
	Put(key, value string)

	// WriteString will write as a string value
	WriteString(status int, contentType, str string) error
	// WriteBytes will write as a byteslice value
	WriteBytes(status int, contentType string, str []byte) error
	// WriteReader will write as a reader value
	WriteReader(status int, contentType string, r io.Reader) error
	// WriteJSON will write as JSON
	WriteJSON(status int, value interface{}) error
	// WriteNoContent will write a no content response
	WriteNoContent() error
	// Redirect will redirect the client
	Redirect(status int, destination string) error

	// Request will return the underlying http.Request
	Request() (req *http.Request)
	// Writer will return the underlying response writer.
	Writer() (writer http.ResponseWriter)

Context is the http context plugins need to support handlers

type Group added in v0.5.2

type Group interface {
	GET(route string, hs ...Handler)
	POST(route string, hs ...Handler)
	PUT(route string, hs ...Handler)
	DELETE(route string, hs ...Handler)
	OPTIONS(route string, hs ...Handler)

	Group(route string, hs ...Handler) Group
	Handle(method, route string, hs ...Handler)

Group is a grouping interface

type Handler

type Handler func(ctx Context)

Handler is the HTTP handler type

type Hook added in v0.1.6

type Hook func(statusCode int, ctx Context)

Hook is a function called after the response has been completed to the requester

type Plugins

type Plugins interface {
	Backend(key string, val interface{}) error

Plugins represents the plugins library interface. This allows for plugins and libraries to not be affected by vroomy/plugins version changes.

type Response

type Response struct {
	StatusCode  int
	ContentType string
	Value       interface{}

	// Optional fields used by a minority of responses
	Adopted  bool
	Callback string

Response determines how the server will respond

func NewAdopedtResponse added in v0.2.0

func NewAdopedtResponse() *Response

NewAdopedtResponse will return a new adopted Response

func NewResponse added in v0.2.0

func NewResponse(statusCode int, contentType string, value interface{}) *Response

NewResponse will return a new Response

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