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var Isamax func(x []float32) int
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var Ismax func(x []float32) int
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var Saxpy func(a float32, X []float32, Y []float32)
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var Sdot func(X, Y []float32) float32
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var Sxmuley func(X, Y []float32)
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var Sxpy func(X, Y []float32)


func Abs

func Abs(x float32) float32

Abs returns the absolute value of x.

Special cases are:

Abs(±Inf) = +Inf
Abs(NaN) = NaN

func Init

func Init(optimize bool)

func L1

func L1(x []float32) float32

func L2

func L2(X []float32) float32

func L2Squared

func L2Squared(x []float32) float32

square of l2 norm

func Saxdivsqrteyplusz

func Saxdivsqrteyplusz(a float32, X []float32, b float32, Y []float32, Z []float32)

func Saxplusbyplusz

func Saxplusbyplusz(a float32, X []float32, b float32, Y []float32, Z []float32)

func Saxplusbysetz

func Saxplusbysetz(a float32, X []float32, b float32, Y []float32, Z []float32)

func Saxplusbyvsetz

func Saxplusbyvsetz(a float32, X []float32, b float32, Y []float32, V []float32, Z []float32)

func SaxpyAvx

func SaxpyAvx(a float32, X []float32, Y []float32)

func SaxpySSE4

func SaxpySSE4(a float32, X []float32, Y []float32)

func Sclean

func Sclean(X []float32)

func SdotAvx

func SdotAvx(X, Y []float32) float32

func SdotSSE4

func SdotSSE4(X, Y []float32) float32

func Sigmoidbackprop

func Sigmoidbackprop(a float32, X []float32, Y []float32, Z []float32)

func Sqrt

func Sqrt(x float32) float32

func Sscale

func Sscale(a float32, X []float32)

func Sset

func Sset(a float32, x []float32)

Sset set all components of a vector to a

func SsetAVX

func SsetAVX(a float32, x []float32)

func Sum

func Sum(x []float32) float32

func Sxmuleyplusz

func Sxmuleyplusz(X, Y, Z []float32)

func SxmyAvx

func SxmyAvx(X, Y []float32)

func SxmySSE4

func SxmySSE4(X, Y []float32)

func SxpyAvx

func SxpyAvx(X, Y []float32)

func SxpySSE4

func SxpySSE4(X, Y []float32)


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