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type CmdBaseHelp

type CmdBaseHelp struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*CmdBaseHelp) GetUsage

func (c *CmdBaseHelp) GetUsage() libkb.Usage

func (*CmdBaseHelp) ParseArgv

func (c *CmdBaseHelp) ParseArgv(*cli.Context) error

func (*CmdBaseHelp) Run

func (c *CmdBaseHelp) Run() error

func (*CmdBaseHelp) RunClient

func (c *CmdBaseHelp) RunClient() error

type CmdGeneralHelp

type CmdGeneralHelp struct {

type CmdSpecificHelp

type CmdSpecificHelp struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (CmdSpecificHelp) Run

func (c CmdSpecificHelp) Run() error

type Command

type Command interface {
	ParseArgv(*cli.Context) error // A command-specific parse-args
	Run() error                   // Run in client mode

type CommandLine

type CommandLine struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCommandLine

func NewCommandLine(addHelp bool, extraFlags []cli.Flag) *CommandLine

func (*CommandLine) AddCommands

func (p *CommandLine) AddCommands(cmds []cli.Command)

func (*CommandLine) AddHelpTopics

func (p *CommandLine) AddHelpTopics(topics []cli.HelpTopic)

AddHelpTopics appends topics to the list of help topics for this app.

func (*CommandLine) ChooseCommand

func (p *CommandLine) ChooseCommand(cmd Command, name string, ctx *cli.Context)

Called back from inside our subcommands, when they're picked...

func (CommandLine) GetAPIDump

func (p CommandLine) GetAPIDump() (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetAPITimeout

func (p CommandLine) GetAPITimeout() (time.Duration, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetAutoFork

func (p CommandLine) GetAutoFork() (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetBool

func (p CommandLine) GetBool(s string, glbl bool) (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetChatDbFilename added in v1.0.18

func (p CommandLine) GetChatDbFilename() string

func (CommandLine) GetCodeSigningKIDs

func (p CommandLine) GetCodeSigningKIDs() []string

func (CommandLine) GetConfigFilename

func (p CommandLine) GetConfigFilename() string

func (CommandLine) GetDbFilename

func (p CommandLine) GetDbFilename() string

func (CommandLine) GetDebug

func (p CommandLine) GetDebug() (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetForkCmd

func (p CommandLine) GetForkCmd() ForkCmd

func (CommandLine) GetGDuration

func (p CommandLine) GetGDuration(s string) (time.Duration, error)

func (CommandLine) GetGInt

func (p CommandLine) GetGInt(s string) int

func (CommandLine) GetGString

func (p CommandLine) GetGString(s string) string

func (CommandLine) GetGpg

func (p CommandLine) GetGpg() string

func (CommandLine) GetGpgHome

func (p CommandLine) GetGpgHome() string

func (CommandLine) GetGpgOptions

func (p CommandLine) GetGpgOptions() []string

func (CommandLine) GetGregorDisabled added in v1.0.17

func (p CommandLine) GetGregorDisabled() (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetGregorPingInterval added in v1.0.17

func (p CommandLine) GetGregorPingInterval() (time.Duration, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetGregorSaveInterval added in v1.0.17

func (p CommandLine) GetGregorSaveInterval() (time.Duration, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetGregorURI added in v1.0.17

func (p CommandLine) GetGregorURI() string

func (CommandLine) GetHome

func (p CommandLine) GetHome() string

func (CommandLine) GetLinkCacheSize

func (p CommandLine) GetLinkCacheSize() (int, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetLocalRPCDebug

func (p CommandLine) GetLocalRPCDebug() string

func (CommandLine) GetLocalTrackMaxAge

func (p CommandLine) GetLocalTrackMaxAge() (time.Duration, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetLogFile

func (p CommandLine) GetLogFile() string

func (CommandLine) GetLogFormat

func (p CommandLine) GetLogFormat() string

func (*CommandLine) GetLogForward

func (p *CommandLine) GetLogForward() LogForward

func (CommandLine) GetMerkleKIDs

func (p CommandLine) GetMerkleKIDs() []string

func (CommandLine) GetMountDir added in v1.0.17

func (p CommandLine) GetMountDir() string

func (CommandLine) GetNoAutoFork

func (p CommandLine) GetNoAutoFork() (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetPGPFingerprint

func (p CommandLine) GetPGPFingerprint() *libkb.PGPFingerprint

func (CommandLine) GetPidFile

func (p CommandLine) GetPidFile() string

func (CommandLine) GetPinentry

func (p CommandLine) GetPinentry() string

func (CommandLine) GetProofCacheSize

func (p CommandLine) GetProofCacheSize() (int, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetProxy

func (p CommandLine) GetProxy() string

func (CommandLine) GetRunMode

func (p CommandLine) GetRunMode() (libkb.RunMode, error)

func (CommandLine) GetScraperTimeout

func (p CommandLine) GetScraperTimeout() (time.Duration, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetSecretKeyringTemplate

func (p CommandLine) GetSecretKeyringTemplate() string

func (CommandLine) GetServerURI

func (p CommandLine) GetServerURI() string

func (CommandLine) GetSessionFilename

func (p CommandLine) GetSessionFilename() string

func (CommandLine) GetSocketFile

func (p CommandLine) GetSocketFile() string

func (CommandLine) GetStandalone

func (p CommandLine) GetStandalone() (bool, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetString

func (p CommandLine) GetString(s string) string

func (CommandLine) GetTimers

func (p CommandLine) GetTimers() string

func (CommandLine) GetTorHiddenAddress

func (p CommandLine) GetTorHiddenAddress() string

func (CommandLine) GetTorMode

func (p CommandLine) GetTorMode() (ret libkb.TorMode, err error)

func (CommandLine) GetTorProxy

func (p CommandLine) GetTorProxy() string

func (CommandLine) GetUpdaterConfigFilename added in v1.0.16

func (p CommandLine) GetUpdaterConfigFilename() string

func (CommandLine) GetUserCacheMaxAge

func (p CommandLine) GetUserCacheMaxAge() (time.Duration, bool)

func (CommandLine) GetVDebugSetting

func (p CommandLine) GetVDebugSetting() string

func (CommandLine) IsNoStandalone

func (p CommandLine) IsNoStandalone() bool

func (CommandLine) IsService

func (p CommandLine) IsService() bool

func (*CommandLine) Parse

func (p *CommandLine) Parse(args []string) (cmd Command, err error)

func (*CommandLine) PopulateApp

func (p *CommandLine) PopulateApp(addHelp bool, extraFlags []cli.Flag)

func (*CommandLine) SetDefaultCommand

func (p *CommandLine) SetDefaultCommand(name string, cmd Command)

func (*CommandLine) SetForkCmd

func (p *CommandLine) SetForkCmd(v ForkCmd)

func (*CommandLine) SetLogForward

func (p *CommandLine) SetLogForward(f LogForward)

func (*CommandLine) SetNoStandalone

func (p *CommandLine) SetNoStandalone()

func (*CommandLine) SetOutputWriter

func (p *CommandLine) SetOutputWriter(w io.Writer)

func (*CommandLine) SetService

func (p *CommandLine) SetService()

type ForkCmd

type ForkCmd int
const (
	NormalFork ForkCmd = iota

type LogForward

type LogForward int
const (
	LogForwardNormal LogForward = iota

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