Package staticrender contains the static renderer which converts virtual DOM output to HTML via io.Writer.



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    type RWMutexEventEnv

    type RWMutexEventEnv struct {

      RWMutexEventEnv implements EventEnv interface with a mutex but no render behavior. (Because static rendering is driven by the caller, there is no way for dynamic logic to re-render a static page, so UnlockRender is the same as UnlockOnly.)

      func (*RWMutexEventEnv) UnlockOnly

      func (ee *RWMutexEventEnv) UnlockOnly()

        UnlockOnly will release the write lock

        func (*RWMutexEventEnv) UnlockRender

        func (ee *RWMutexEventEnv) UnlockRender()

          UnlockRender is an alias for UnlockOnly.

          type StaticRenderer

          type StaticRenderer struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            StaticRenderer provides rendering as static HTML to an io.Writer.

            func New

            func New(w io.Writer) *StaticRenderer

              New returns a new instance. w may be nil as long as SetWriter is called with a valid value before rendering.

              func (*StaticRenderer) EventEnv

              func (r *StaticRenderer) EventEnv() *RWMutexEventEnv

                EventEnv returns a simple EventEnv implementation suitable for use with the static renderer.

                func (*StaticRenderer) Render

                func (r *StaticRenderer) Render(buildResults *vugu.BuildResults) error

                  Render will perform a static render of the given BuildResults and write it to the writer assigned.

                  func (*StaticRenderer) SetWriter

                  func (r *StaticRenderer) SetWriter(w io.Writer)

                    SetWriter assigns the Writer to be used for subsequent calls to Render. A Writer must be assigned before rendering (either with this method or in New).