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const (

Env variables


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func InitIPFSBlockService

func InitIPFSBlockService(ipfsPath string) (blockservice.BlockService, error)

InitIPFSBlockService is used to configure and return a BlockService using an ipfs repo path (e.g. ~/.ipfs)

func NewDB

func NewDB() (*sqlx.DB, error)

NewDB returns a new sqlx.DB from config/cli/env variables

func PublishRaw

func PublishRaw(tx *sqlx.Tx, codec, mh uint64, raw []byte) (string, error)

PublishRaw derives a cid from raw bytes and provided codec and multihash type, and writes it to the db tx

func RawdataToCid

func RawdataToCid(codec uint64, rawdata []byte, multiHash uint64) (cid.Cid, error)

RawdataToCid takes the desired codec, multihash type, and a slice of bytes and returns the proper cid of the object.

func ResetTestDB

func ResetTestDB(db *sqlx.DB) error

ResetTestDB drops all rows in the test db public.blocks table


type Config

type Config struct {
	Hostname string
	Name     string
	User     string
	Password string
	Port     int

func (*Config) ConnString

func (c *Config) ConnString() string

func (*Config) Init

func (c *Config) Init()

type Validator

type Validator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Validator is used for validating Ethereum state and storage tries on PG-IPFS

func NewIPFSValidator

func NewIPFSValidator(bs blockservice.BlockService) *Validator

NewIPFSValidator returns a new trie validator ontop of an IPFS blockservice

func NewPGIPFSValidator

func NewPGIPFSValidator(db *sqlx.DB) *Validator

NewPGIPFSValidator returns a new trie validator ontop of a connection pool for an IPFS backing Postgres database

func NewValidator

func NewValidator(kvs ethdb.KeyValueStore, database ethdb.Database) *Validator

NewValidator returns a new trie validator Validating the completeness of a modified merkle patricia tries requires traversing the entire trie and verifying that every node is present, this is an expensive operation

func (*Validator) Close added in v0.0.2

func (v *Validator) Close() error

Close implements io.Closer it deregisters the groupcache name

func (*Validator) GetCacheStats

func (v *Validator) GetCacheStats() groupcache.Stats

func (*Validator) ValidateStateTrie

func (v *Validator) ValidateStateTrie(stateRoot common.Hash) error

ValidateStateTrie returns an error if the state trie for the provided state root cannot be confirmed as complete This does not consider child storage tries

func (*Validator) ValidateStorageTrie

func (v *Validator) ValidateStorageTrie(address common.Address, storageRoot common.Hash) error

ValidateStorageTrie returns an error if the storage trie for the provided storage root and contract address cannot be confirmed as complete

func (*Validator) ValidateTrie

func (v *Validator) ValidateTrie(stateRoot common.Hash) error

ValidateTrie returns an error if the state and storage tries for the provided state root cannot be confirmed as complete This does consider child storage tries

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