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const (
	BidId     utils.Key = "bid_id"
	Ilk       utils.Key = "ilk"
	Guy       utils.Key = "guy"
	Flip      utils.Key = "flip"
	Timestamp utils.Key = "timestamp"
	Cdpi      utils.Key = "cdpi"
	Owner     utils.Key = "owner"
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const (
	HeaderFK = "header_id"
	LogFK    = "log_id"
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const (
	IlkColumn     event.ColumnName = "ilk_id"
	UrnColumn     event.ColumnName = "urn_id"
	AddressColumn event.ColumnName = "address_id"
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const (
	BiteLabel               = "bite"
	CatFileChopLumpLabel    = "cat_file_chop_lump"
	CatFileFlipLabel        = "cat_file_flip"
	CatFileVowLabel         = "cat_file_vow"
	DealLabel               = "deal"
	DentLabel               = "dent"
	FlapKickLabel           = "flap_kick"
	FlipKickLabel           = "flip_kick"
	FlopKickLabel           = "flop_kick"
	JugDripLabel            = "jug_drip"
	JugFileBaseLabel        = "jug_file_base"
	JugFileIlkLabel         = "jug_file_ilk"
	JugFileVowLabel         = "jug_file_vow"
	JugInitLabel            = "jug_init"
	NewCdpLabel             = "new_cdp"
	SpotFileMatLabel        = "spot_file_mat"
	SpotFilePipLabel        = "spot_file_pip"
	SpotPokeLabel           = "spot_poke"
	TendLabel               = "tend"
	TickLabel               = "tick"
	VatFileDebtCeilingLabel = "vat_file_debt_ceiling"
	VatFileIlkLabel         = "vat_file_ilk"
	VatFluxLabel            = "vat_flux"
	VatFoldLabel            = "vat_fold"
	VatForkLabel            = "vat_fork"
	VatFrobLabel            = "vat_frob"
	VatGrabLabel            = "vat_grab"
	VatHealLabel            = "vat_heal"
	VatInitLabel            = "vat_init"
	VatMoveLabel            = "vat_move"
	VatSlipLabel            = "vat_slip"
	VatSuckLabel            = "vat_suck"
	VowFessLabel            = "vow_fess"
	VowFileLabel            = "vow_file"
	VowFlogLabel            = "vow_flog"
	YankLabel               = "yank"


This section is empty.


func BiteSignature added in v0.2.4

func BiteSignature() string

func CatABI

func CatABI() string

TODO Figure out signatures automatically from config somehow :(

func CatFileChopLumpSignature added in v0.2.4

func CatFileChopLumpSignature() string

func CatFileFlipSignature added in v0.2.4

func CatFileFlipSignature() string

func CatFileVowSignature added in v0.2.4

func CatFileVowSignature() string

func CdpManagerABI added in v0.2.11

func CdpManagerABI() string

func DealSignature added in v0.2.4

func DealSignature() string

func DentSignature added in v0.2.4

func DentSignature() string

func FlapABI added in v0.2.10

func FlapABI() string

func FlapKickSignature added in v0.2.4

func FlapKickSignature() string

func FlipABI added in v0.2.10

func FlipABI() string

func FlipKickSignature added in v0.2.4

func FlipKickSignature() string

func FlopABI added in v0.2.10

func FlopABI() string

func FlopKickSignature added in v0.2.4

func FlopKickSignature() string

func GetContractAddress added in v0.2.10

func GetContractAddress(contract string) string

func GetContractAddresses added in v0.2.10

func GetContractAddresses(contractNames []string) (addresses []string)

Get the addresses for multiple contracts from config

func GetContractsABI added in v0.2.10

func GetContractsABI(contractNames []string) string

Get the ABI for multiple contracts from config Makes sure the ABI matches for all, since a single transformer may run against many contracts.

func GetMinDeploymentBlock added in v0.2.10

func GetMinDeploymentBlock(contractNames []string) int64

Get the minimum deployment block for multiple contracts from config

func GetTransformerContractNames added in v0.2.10

func GetTransformerContractNames(transformerLabel string) []string
Returns all contract config names from transformer configuration:


path = "transformers/events/vow_file/initializer"
type = "eth_event"
repository = ""
migrations = "db/migrations"
contracts = ["MCD_VOW"]   <----
rank = "0"

func JugABI added in v0.2.2

func JugABI() string

func JugDripSignature added in v0.2.4

func JugDripSignature() string

func JugFileBaseSignature added in v0.2.4

func JugFileBaseSignature() string

func JugFileIlkSignature added in v0.2.4

func JugFileIlkSignature() string

func JugFileVowSignature added in v0.2.4

func JugFileVowSignature() string

func JugInitSignature added in v0.2.6

func JugInitSignature() string

func NewCdpSignature added in v0.2.11

func NewCdpSignature() string

func SpotABI added in v0.2.7

func SpotABI() string

func SpotFileMatSignature added in v0.2.7

func SpotFileMatSignature() string

func SpotFilePipSignature added in v0.2.7

func SpotFilePipSignature() string

func SpotPokeSignature added in v0.2.7

func SpotPokeSignature() string

func TendSignature added in v0.2.4

func TendSignature() string

func TickSignature added in v0.2.11

func TickSignature() string

func VatABI

func VatABI() string

func VatFileDebtCeilingSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatFileDebtCeilingSignature() string

func VatFileIlkSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatFileIlkSignature() string

func VatFluxSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatFluxSignature() string

func VatFoldSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatFoldSignature() string

func VatForkSignature added in v0.2.6

func VatForkSignature() string

func VatFrobSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatFrobSignature() string

func VatGrabSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatGrabSignature() string

func VatHealSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatHealSignature() string

func VatInitSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatInitSignature() string

func VatMoveSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatMoveSignature() string

func VatSlipSignature added in v0.2.4

func VatSlipSignature() string

func VatSuckSignature added in v0.2.6

func VatSuckSignature() string

func VowABI

func VowABI() string

func VowFessSignature added in v0.2.4

func VowFessSignature() string

func VowFileSignature added in v0.2.4

func VowFileSignature() string

func VowFlogSignature added in v0.2.4

func VowFlogSignature() string

func YankSignature added in v0.2.8

func YankSignature() string


type ContractMethod added in v0.2.8

type ContractMethod struct {
	Name   string
	Inputs []MethodInput

type ForeignKeyField added in v0.2.8

type ForeignKeyField string

TODO remove after transition to ColumnName

const (
	IlkFK     ForeignKeyField = "ilk_id"
	UrnFK     ForeignKeyField = "urn_id"
	AddressFK ForeignKeyField = "address_id"

type MethodInput added in v0.2.8

type MethodInput struct {
	Type string

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