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type Transformer

type Transformer struct {
	// Database interfaces
	EventRepository  srep.EventRepository        // Holds transformed watched event log data
	HeaderRepository repository.HeaderRepository // Interface for interaction with header repositories

	// Pre-processing interfaces
	Parser    parser.Parser            // Parses events and methods out of contract abi fetched using contract address
	Retriever retriever.BlockRetriever // Retrieves first block for contract

	// Processing interfaces
	Fetcher   fetcher.Fetcher              // Fetches event logs, using header hashes
	Converter converter.ConverterInterface // Converts watched event logs into custom log
	Poller    poller.Poller                // Polls methods using arguments collected from events and persists them using a method datastore

	// Store contract configuration information
	Config config.ContractConfig

	// Store contract info as mapping to contract address
	Contracts map[string]*contract.Contract

	Start int64 // Hold the lowest starting block and the highest ending block
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Requires a header synced vDB (headers) and a running eth node (or infura)

func NewTransformer

func NewTransformer(con config.ContractConfig, bc core.BlockChain, db *postgres.DB) *Transformer

Transformer takes in config for blockchain, database, and network id

func (*Transformer) Execute

func (tr *Transformer) Execute() error

func (*Transformer) GetConfig

func (tr *Transformer) GetConfig() config.ContractConfig

func (*Transformer) Init

func (tr *Transformer) Init() error

Use after creating and setting transformer Loops over all of the addr => filter sets Uses parser to pull event info from abi Use this info to generate event filters

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