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func Chebyshev_distance

func Chebyshev_distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Collide_lines_2d

func Collide_lines_2d(pl1_p1, pl1_p2, pl2_p1, pl2_p2 *Point) bool

func Collide_thick_lines_2d

func Collide_thick_lines_2d(tl1_p1, tl1_p2, tl2_p1, tl2_p2 *Point, r float32) bool

func Distance

func Distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_2d

func Distance_2d(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_3d

func Distance_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_squared

func Distance_squared(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_squared_2d

func Distance_squared_2d(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_squared_3d

func Distance_squared_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_squared_to_line

func Distance_squared_to_line(pp, pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_squared_to_line_2d

func Distance_squared_to_line_2d(pp, pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_squared_to_line_3d

func Distance_squared_to_line_3d(pp, pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_to_line

func Distance_to_line(pp, pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_to_line_2d

func Distance_to_line_2d(pp, pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Distance_to_line_3d

func Distance_to_line_3d(pp, pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Dot

func Dot(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Dot_2d

func Dot_2d(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Dot_3d

func Dot_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Equal

func Equal(pp1, pp2 *Point) bool

func Equal_2d

func Equal_2d(pp1, pp2 *Point) bool

func Equal_3d

func Equal_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) bool

func Euclidean_distance

func Euclidean_distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Length

func Length(pp *Point) float32

func Length_2d

func Length_2d(pp *Point) float32

func Length_3d

func Length_3d(pp *Point) float32

func Manhattan_distance

func Manhattan_distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Random_distance

func Random_distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Reciprical_distance

func Reciprical_distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32

func Sign

func Sign(x int) int

func Squared_euclidean_distance

func Squared_euclidean_distance(pp1, pp2 *Point) float32


type Point

type Point []float32

func Add

func Add(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

func Add_2d

func Add_2d(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

func Add_3d

func Add_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

func Cross_3d

func Cross_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

func Norm

func Norm(pp *Point) *Point

func Norm_2d

func Norm_2d(pp *Point) *Point

func Norm_3d

func Norm_3d(pp *Point) *Point

func Perp_2d

func Perp_2d(pp *Point) *Point

func Scale

func Scale(pp *Point, s float32) *Point

func Scale_2d

func Scale_2d(pp *Point, s float32) *Point

func Scale_3d

func Scale_3d(pp *Point, s float32) *Point

func Sub

func Sub(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

func Sub_2d

func Sub_2d(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

func Sub_3d

func Sub_3d(pp1, pp2 *Point) *Point

type Points

type Points []*Point

func Bezier_path_as_lines

func Bezier_path_as_lines(pp1, pp2, pp3, pp4 *Point, distance_tolerance float32) *Points

create bezier path

func Circle_as_lines

func Circle_as_lines(p *Point, radius float32, resolution int) *Points

func Circle_as_tristrip

func Circle_as_tristrip(p *Point, radius1, radius2 float32, resolution int) *Points

func Thicken_path_as_lines

func Thicken_path_as_lines(pathp *Points, radius float32, capstyle, joinstyle, resolution int) *Points

func Thicken_path_as_tristrip

func Thicken_path_as_tristrip(pathp *Points, radius float32, capstyle, joinstyle, resolution int) *Points

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