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func Format

func Format(gtx layout.Context, format string, widgets ...layout.Widget) layout.Dimensions

Format lays out widgets according to a format string, similar to how fmt.Printf interpolates a string.

The format string is an epxression where layouts are similar to function calls, and the underscore denotes a widget from the arguments. The ith _ invokes the ith widget from the arguments.

If the layout format is invalid, Format panics with an error where a cross, ✗, marks the error position.

For example,

Format(gtx, "inset(8dp, _)", w)

is equivalent to

layout.UniformInset(unit.Dp(8)).Layout(gtx, w)

Available layouts:

inset(insets, widget) applies inset to widget. Insets are either: one value for uniform insets; two values for top/bottom and right/left insets; three values for top, bottom and right/left insets; or four values for top, right, bottom, left insets.

direction(widget) aligns a widget. Direction is one of north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, center.

hmax/vmax/max(widget) forces the horizontal, vertical or both constraints to their maximum before laying out widget.

hmin/vmin/min(widget) forces the horizontal, vertical or both constraints to their minimum before laying out widget.

hcap/vcap(size, widget) caps the maximum horizontal or vertical constraints to size.

hflex/vflex(alignment, children...) lays out children with a horizontal or vertical layout.Flex. Each rigid child must be on the form r(widget), and each flex child on the form f(<weight>, widget). If alignment is specified, it must be one of: start, middle, end, baseline. The default alignment is start.

stack(alignment, children) lays out children with a layout.Stack. Each Rigid child must be on the form r(widget), and each expand child on the form e(widget). If alignment is specified it must be one of the directions listed above.


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