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Published: Feb 17, 2021 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 9 Imported by: 0




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const (
	FileNameValues string = "values.yaml"


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var (
	Salt      string
	MinLength int
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var HelmValuesTemplate = `` /* 1541-byte string literal not displayed */

HelmValuesTemplate is the yaml template for helm command. render values.yaml according to the play resource contain

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var (
	ValueLog = ctrl.Log.WithValues("package", "values")


func HashID

func HashID(pid float64) (string, error)

HashID return hash from pid for the prefix url

func ToYaml

func ToYaml(v interface{}) string

ToYaml returns the v interface into yaml format

func TxtFuncMap

func TxtFuncMap() template.FuncMap

TxtFuncMap returns a template FuncMap with HashID and ToYaml functions


type Templates

type Templates struct {
	Play     *ci.Play
	Spec     ci.PlaySpec
	Internal map[string]interface{}
	Values   map[string]interface{}

Templates structure with methods for templating - values.yaml - values.mongodb.yaml - values.postgre.yaml - .s3cfg

func (*Templates) GetValues

func (in *Templates) GetValues(out *bytes.Buffer) error

GetValues builds the values from the template from Play resource

func (*Templates) PrintTemplate

func (in *Templates) PrintTemplate(out *bytes.Buffer, name string, templ string) error

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