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Published: Jul 12, 2019 License: MIT


Killbot Discord Integration

This integration runs and pulls kills as they happen on zkill. If the kill is associated with either the ALLIANCE_ID or CORPORATION_ID then it pushes a custom built attachment to the WEBHOOK uri.

Due to extremely high likely-hood that ESI returns a 503, it automatically retries 3 times before giving up. Discord also tends to rate limit the pushes when a huge amount of kills happen all at once. Since each kill is processed on a different goroutine, the process is paused until the timeout ends and continues trying until the post gets through.


All you really need to do is to provide the three environment variables (However you choose)


Then just run the docker build like normal:

docker build -t killbot-integration .


Personally, I run this on my own Kubernetes cluster, so I have provided a deployment.yaml that works perfectly if you are doing the same.

Make sure you update the image url that is being pulled!


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