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const (

	// GroupName I made this up. Maybe we'll need it.
	GroupName = ""


This section is empty.


func NewCommandServer

func NewCommandServer(
	out io.Writer,
) (*cobra.Command, error)

NewCommandServer creates a new cobra command to run our server.

func RunServer

func RunServer(opts *ServiceCatalogServerOptions) error

RunServer runs an API server with configuration according to opts


type EtcdOptions

type EtcdOptions struct {
	// storage with etcd

EtcdOptions contains the complete configuration for an API server that communicates with an etcd. This struct is exported so that it can be used by integration tests

func NewEtcdOptions

func NewEtcdOptions() *EtcdOptions

NewEtcdOptions creates a new, empty, EtcdOptions instance

type ServiceCatalogServerOptions

type ServiceCatalogServerOptions struct {
	StorageTypeString string
	// the runtime configuration of our server
	GenericServerRunOptions *genericserveroptions.ServerRunOptions
	// the https configuration. certs, etc
	SecureServingOptions *genericserveroptions.SecureServingOptions
	// authn for the API
	AuthenticationOptions *genericserveroptions.DelegatingAuthenticationOptions
	// authz for the API
	AuthorizationOptions *genericserveroptions.DelegatingAuthorizationOptions
	// InsecureOptions are options for serving insecurely.
	InsecureServingOptions *genericserveroptions.ServingOptions
	// audit options for api server
	AuditOptions *genericserveroptions.AuditLogOptions
	// EtcdOptions are options for serving with etcd as the backing store
	EtcdOptions *EtcdOptions
	// TPROptions are options for serving with TPR as the backing store
	TPROptions *TPROptions
	// DisableAuth disables delegating authentication and authorization for testing scenarios
	DisableAuth bool
	StopCh      <-chan struct{}
	// StandaloneMode if true asserts that we will not depend on a kube-apiserver
	StandaloneMode bool

ServiceCatalogServerOptions contains the aggregation of configuration structs for the service-catalog server. It contains everything needed to configure a basic API server. It is public so that integration tests can access it.

func (*ServiceCatalogServerOptions) StorageType

StorageType returns the storage type configured on s, or a non-nil error if s holds an invalid storage type

type TPROptions

type TPROptions struct {
	DefaultGlobalNamespace string
	RESTClient             restclient.Interface
	InstallTPRsFunc        func() error
	GlobalNamespace        string

TPROptions contains the complete configuration for an API server that communicates with the core Kubernetes API server to use third party resources (TPRs) as a database. It is exported so that integration tests can use it

func NewTPROptions

func NewTPROptions() *TPROptions

NewTPROptions creates a new, empty TPROptions struct

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