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func BodyToObject

func BodyToObject(r *http.Request, object interface{}) error

BodyToObject will convert the incoming HTTP request into the passed in 'object'

func ExecCmd

func ExecCmd(cmd string) (string, error)

ExecCmd executes a command and returns the stdout + error, if any

func Fetch

func Fetch(u string) (string, error)

Fetch will do an HTTP GET to the passed in URL, returning HTTP Body of the response or any error

func FetchObject

func FetchObject(u string, object interface{}) error

FetchObject will do an HTTP GET to the passed in URL, returning the response parsed as a JSON object, or any error

func ResponseBodyToObject

func ResponseBodyToObject(r *http.Response, object interface{}) error

ResponseBodyToObject will reading the HTTP response into the passed in 'object'

func WriteResponse

func WriteResponse(w http.ResponseWriter, code int, object interface{})

WriteResponse will serialize 'object' to the HTTP ResponseWriter using the 'code' as the HTTP status code


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