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const (
	Always   = 1 << iota // always activate the column
	Discover             // only active when mongostat is in discover mode
	Repl                 // only active if one of the nodes being monitored is in a replset
	Locks                // only active if node is capable of calculating lock info
	AllOnly              // only active if mongostat was run with --all option
	MMAPOnly             // only active if node has mmap-specific fields
	WTOnly               // only active if node has wiredtiger-specific fields

Flags to determine cases when to activate/deactivate columns for output.

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const (
	MongosProcess = "mongos"


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var DefaultReplStats = map[string]string{
	"repl_inserts_per_sec":  "InsertR",
	"repl_queries_per_sec":  "QueryR",
	"repl_updates_per_sec":  "UpdateR",
	"repl_deletes_per_sec":  "DeleteR",
	"repl_getmores_per_sec": "GetMoreR",
	"repl_commands_per_sec": "CommandR",
	"member_status":         "NodeType",
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var DefaultStats = map[string]string{
	"inserts_per_sec":    "Insert",
	"queries_per_sec":    "Query",
	"updates_per_sec":    "Update",
	"deletes_per_sec":    "Delete",
	"getmores_per_sec":   "GetMore",
	"commands_per_sec":   "Command",
	"flushes_per_sec":    "Flushes",
	"vsize_megabytes":    "Virtual",
	"resident_megabytes": "Resident",
	"queued_reads":       "QueuedReaders",
	"queued_writes":      "QueuedWriters",
	"active_reads":       "ActiveReaders",
	"active_writes":      "ActiveWriters",
	"net_in_bytes":       "NetIn",
	"net_out_bytes":      "NetOut",
	"open_connections":   "NumConnections",
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var MmapStats = map[string]string{
	"mapped_megabytes":     "Mapped",
	"non-mapped_megabytes": "NonMapped",
	"page_faults_per_sec":  "Faults",
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var StatHeaders = []StatHeader{
	{"", Always},
	{"insert", Always},
	{"query", Always},
	{"update", Always},
	{"delete", Always},
	{"getmore", Always},
	{"command", Always},
	{"% dirty", WTOnly},
	{"% used", WTOnly},
	{"flushes", Always},
	{"mapped", MMAPOnly},
	{"vsize", Always},
	{"res", Always},
	{"non-mapped", MMAPOnly | AllOnly},
	{"faults", MMAPOnly},
	{"lr|lw %", MMAPOnly | AllOnly},
	{"lrt|lwt", MMAPOnly | AllOnly},
	{"    locked db", Locks},
	{"qr|qw", Always},
	{"ar|aw", Always},
	{"netIn", Always},
	{"netOut", Always},
	{"conn", Always},
	{"set", Repl},
	{"repl", Repl},
	{"time", Always},

StatHeaders are the complete set of data metrics supported by mongostat.

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var WiredTigerStats = map[string]string{
	"percent_cache_dirty": "CacheDirtyPercent",
	"percent_cache_used":  "CacheUsedPercent",


This section is empty.


type CacheStats

type CacheStats struct {
	TrackedDirtyBytes  int64 `bson:"tracked dirty bytes in the cache"`
	CurrentCachedBytes int64 `bson:"bytes currently in the cache"`
	MaxBytesConfigured int64 `bson:"maximum bytes configured"`

CacheStats stores cache statistics for WiredTiger.

type ClientStats

type ClientStats struct {
	Total   int64 `bson:"total"`
	Readers int64 `bson:"readers"`
	Writers int64 `bson:"writers"`

ClientStats stores the number of active read/write operations.

type CollectionLockStatus

type CollectionLockStatus struct {
	ReadAcquireWaitsPercentage  float64
	WriteAcquireWaitsPercentage float64
	ReadAcquireTimeMicros       int64
	WriteAcquireTimeMicros      int64

CollectionLockStatus stores a collection's lock statistics.

type ConcurrentTransStats

type ConcurrentTransStats struct {
	Out int64 `bson:"out"`

type ConcurrentTransactions

type ConcurrentTransactions struct {
	Write ConcurrentTransStats `bson:"write"`
	Read  ConcurrentTransStats `bson:"read"`

type ConnectionStats

type ConnectionStats struct {
	Current      int64 `bson:"current"`
	Available    int64 `bson:"available"`
	TotalCreated int64 `bson:"totalCreated"`

ConnectionStats stores information related to incoming database connections.

type DBRecordStats

type DBRecordStats struct {
	AccessesNotInMemory       int64                     `bson:"accessesNotInMemory"`
	PageFaultExceptionsThrown int64                     `bson:"pageFaultExceptionsThrown"`
	DBRecordAccesses          map[string]RecordAccesses `bson:",inline"`

DBRecordStats stores data related to memory operations across databases.

type DurStats

type DurStats struct {
	Commits            int64 `bson:"commits"`
	JournaledMB        int64 `bson:"journaledMB"`
	WriteToDataFilesMB int64 `bson:"writeToDataFilesMB"`
	Compression        int64 `bson:"compression"`
	CommitsInWriteLock int64 `bson:"commitsInWriteLock"`
	EarlyCommits       int64 `bson:"earlyCommits"`
	TimeMs             DurTiming

DurStats stores information related to journaling statistics.

type DurTiming

type DurTiming struct {
	Dt               int64 `bson:"dt"`
	PrepLogBuffer    int64 `bson:"prepLogBuffer"`
	WriteToJournal   int64 `bson:"writeToJournal"`
	WriteToDataFiles int64 `bson:"writeToDataFiles"`
	RemapPrivateView int64 `bson:"remapPrivateView"`

DurTiming stores information related to journaling.

type ExtraInfo

type ExtraInfo struct {
	PageFaults *int64 `bson:"page_faults"`

ExtraInfo stores additional platform specific information.

type FlushStats

type FlushStats struct {
	Flushes      int64     `bson:"flushes"`
	TotalMs      int64     `bson:"total_ms"`
	AverageMs    float64   `bson:"average_ms"`
	LastMs       int64     `bson:"last_ms"`
	LastFinished time.Time `bson:"last_finished"`

FlushStats stores information about memory flushes.

type GlobalLockStats

type GlobalLockStats struct {
	TotalTime     int64        `bson:"totalTime"`
	LockTime      int64        `bson:"lockTime"`
	CurrentQueue  *QueueStats  `bson:"currentQueue"`
	ActiveClients *ClientStats `bson:"activeClients"`

GlobalLockStats stores information related locks in the MMAP storage engine.

type LockStats

type LockStats struct {
	TimeLockedMicros    ReadWriteLockTimes `bson:"timeLockedMicros"`
	TimeAcquiringMicros ReadWriteLockTimes `bson:"timeAcquiringMicros"`

	// AcquireCount and AcquireWaitCount are new fields of the lock stats only populated on 3.0 or newer.
	// Typed as a pointer so that if it is nil, mongostat can assume the field is not populated
	// with real namespace data.
	AcquireCount     *ReadWriteLockTimes `bson:"acquireCount,omitempty"`
	AcquireWaitCount *ReadWriteLockTimes `bson:"acquireWaitCount,omitempty"`

LockStats stores information related to time spent acquiring/holding locks for a given database.

type LockStatus

type LockStatus struct {
	DBName     string
	Percentage float64
	Global     bool

LockStatus stores a database's lock statistics.

type LockUsage

type LockUsage struct {
	Namespace string
	Reads     int64
	Writes    int64

LockUsage stores information related to a namespace's lock usage.

type MemStats

type MemStats struct {
	Bits              int64       `bson:"bits"`
	Resident          int64       `bson:"resident"`
	Virtual           int64       `bson:"virtual"`
	Supported         interface{} `bson:"supported"`
	Mapped            int64       `bson:"mapped"`
	MappedWithJournal int64       `bson:"mappedWithJournal"`

MemStats stores data related to memory statistics.

type MongoDB

type MongoDB struct {
	Servers []string
	Ssl     Ssl
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*MongoDB) Description

func (*MongoDB) Description() string

func (*MongoDB) Gather

func (m *MongoDB) Gather(acc inputs.Accumulator) error

Reads stats from all configured servers accumulates stats. Returns one of the errors encountered while gather stats (if any).

func (*MongoDB) SampleConfig

func (m *MongoDB) SampleConfig() string

type MongodbData

type MongodbData struct {
	StatLine *StatLine
	Fields   map[string]interface{}
	Tags     map[string]string

func NewMongodbData

func NewMongodbData(statLine *StatLine, tags map[string]string) *MongodbData

func (*MongodbData) AddDefaultStats

func (d *MongodbData) AddDefaultStats()

type NamespacedLocks

type NamespacedLocks map[string]LockStatus

NamespacedLocks stores information on the LockStatus of namespaces.

type NetworkStats

type NetworkStats struct {
	BytesIn     int64 `bson:"bytesIn"`
	BytesOut    int64 `bson:"bytesOut"`
	NumRequests int64 `bson:"numRequests"`

NetworkStats stores information related to network traffic.

type OpcountStats

type OpcountStats struct {
	Insert  int64 `bson:"insert"`
	Query   int64 `bson:"query"`
	Update  int64 `bson:"update"`
	Delete  int64 `bson:"delete"`
	GetMore int64 `bson:"getmore"`
	Command int64 `bson:"command"`

OpcountStats stores information related to comamnds and basic CRUD operations.

type QueueStats

type QueueStats struct {
	Total   int64 `bson:"total"`
	Readers int64 `bson:"readers"`
	Writers int64 `bson:"writers"`

QueueStats stores the number of queued read/write operations.

type ReadWriteLockTimes

type ReadWriteLockTimes struct {
	Read       int64 `bson:"R"`
	Write      int64 `bson:"W"`
	ReadLower  int64 `bson:"r"`
	WriteLower int64 `bson:"w"`

ReadWriteLockTimes stores time spent holding read/write locks.

type RecordAccesses

type RecordAccesses struct {
	AccessesNotInMemory       int64 `bson:"accessesNotInMemory"`
	PageFaultExceptionsThrown int64 `bson:"pageFaultExceptionsThrown"`

RecordAccesses stores data related to memory operations scoped to a database.

type ReplStatus

type ReplStatus struct {
	SetName      interface{} `bson:"setName"`
	IsMaster     interface{} `bson:"ismaster"`
	Secondary    interface{} `bson:"secondary"`
	IsReplicaSet interface{} `bson:"isreplicaset"`
	ArbiterOnly  interface{} `bson:"arbiterOnly"`
	Hosts        []string    `bson:"hosts"`
	Passives     []string    `bson:"passives"`
	Me           string      `bson:"me"`

ReplStatus stores data related to replica sets.

type Server

type Server struct {
	Url     *url.URL
	Session *mgo.Session
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type ServerStatus

type ServerStatus struct {
	SampleTime         time.Time              `bson:""`
	Host               string                 `bson:"host"`
	Version            string                 `bson:"version"`
	Process            string                 `bson:"process"`
	Pid                int64                  `bson:"pid"`
	Uptime             int64                  `bson:"uptime"`
	UptimeMillis       int64                  `bson:"uptimeMillis"`
	UptimeEstimate     int64                  `bson:"uptimeEstimate"`
	LocalTime          time.Time              `bson:"localTime"`
	Asserts            map[string]int64       `bson:"asserts"`
	BackgroundFlushing *FlushStats            `bson:"backgroundFlushing"`
	ExtraInfo          *ExtraInfo             `bson:"extra_info"`
	Connections        *ConnectionStats       `bson:"connections"`
	Dur                *DurStats              `bson:"dur"`
	GlobalLock         *GlobalLockStats       `bson:"globalLock"`
	Locks              map[string]LockStats   `bson:"locks,omitempty"`
	Network            *NetworkStats          `bson:"network"`
	Opcounters         *OpcountStats          `bson:"opcounters"`
	OpcountersRepl     *OpcountStats          `bson:"opcountersRepl"`
	RecordStats        *DBRecordStats         `bson:"recordStats"`
	Mem                *MemStats              `bson:"mem"`
	Repl               *ReplStatus            `bson:"repl"`
	ShardCursorType    map[string]interface{} `bson:"shardCursorType"`
	StorageEngine      map[string]string      `bson:"storageEngine"`
	WiredTiger         *WiredTiger            `bson:"wiredTiger"`

type Ssl

type Ssl struct {
	Enabled bool
	CaCerts []string `toml:"cacerts"`

type StatHeader

type StatHeader struct {
	// The text to appear in the column's header cell
	HeaderText string

	// Bitmask containing flags to determine if this header is active or not
	ActivateFlags int

StatHeader describes a single column for mongostat's terminal output, its formatting, and in which modes it should be displayed.

type StatLine

type StatLine struct {
	Key string
	// What storage engine is being used for the node with this stat line
	StorageEngine string

	Error    error
	IsMongos bool
	Host     string

	// The time at which this StatLine was generated.
	Time time.Time

	// The last time at which this StatLine was printed to output.
	LastPrinted time.Time

	// Opcounter fields
	Insert, Query, Update, Delete, GetMore, Command int64

	// Collection locks (3.0 mmap only)
	CollectionLocks *CollectionLockStatus

	// Cache utilization (wiredtiger only)
	CacheDirtyPercent float64
	CacheUsedPercent  float64

	// Replicated Opcounter fields
	InsertR, QueryR, UpdateR, DeleteR, GetMoreR, CommandR int64
	Flushes                                               int64
	Mapped, Virtual, Resident, NonMapped                  int64
	Faults                                                int64
	HighestLocked                                         *LockStatus
	QueuedReaders, QueuedWriters                          int64
	ActiveReaders, ActiveWriters                          int64
	NetIn, NetOut                                         int64
	NumConnections                                        int64
	ReplSetName                                           string
	NodeType                                              string

StatLine is a wrapper for all metrics reported by mongostat for monitored hosts.

func NewStatLine

func NewStatLine(oldStat, newStat ServerStatus, key string, all bool, sampleSecs int64) *StatLine

NewStatLine constructs a StatLine object from two ServerStatus objects.

type TransactionStats

type TransactionStats struct {
	TransCheckpoints int64 `bson:"transaction checkpoints"`

TransactionStats stores transaction checkpoints in WiredTiger.

type WiredTiger

type WiredTiger struct {
	Transaction TransactionStats       `bson:"transaction"`
	Concurrent  ConcurrentTransactions `bson:"concurrentTransactions"`
	Cache       CacheStats             `bson:"cache"`

WiredTiger stores information related to the WiredTiger storage engine.

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