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Published: Aug 2, 2018 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 47 Imported by: 0




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const (
	DefaultPolicyFile                    = "openshift.local.config/master/policy.json"
	CreateBootstrapPolicyFileCommand     = "create-bootstrap-policy-file"
	CreateBootstrapPolicyFileFullCommand = "oc adm " + CreateBootstrapPolicyFileCommand
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const (
	CAFilePrefix     = "ca"
	CABundlePrefix   = "ca-bundle"
	MasterFilePrefix = "master"

	FrontProxyCAFilePrefix = "frontproxy-ca"
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const CreateClientCommandName = "create-api-client-config"
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const CreateKeyPairCommandName = "create-key-pair"
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const CreateKubeConfigCommandName = "create-kubeconfig"
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const CreateMasterCertsCommandName = "create-master-certs"
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const CreateServerCertCommandName = "create-server-cert"
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const CreateSignerCertCommandName = "create-signer-cert"
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const DecryptCommandName = "decrypt"
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const EncryptCommandName = "encrypt"
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const NodeConfigCommandName = "create-node-config"


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func BindCreateSignerCertOptions added in v1.0.3

func BindCreateSignerCertOptions(options *CreateSignerCertOptions, flags *pflag.FlagSet, prefix string)

func BindSignerCertOptions

func BindSignerCertOptions(options *SignerCertOptions, flags *pflag.FlagSet, prefix string)

func CopyFile

func CopyFile(src, dest string, permissions os.FileMode) error

func DefaultAPIClientCAFile

func DefaultAPIClientCAFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultCABundleFile added in v1.1.4

func DefaultCABundleFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultCAFilename

func DefaultCAFilename(certDir, prefix string) string

func DefaultCertFilename

func DefaultCertFilename(certDir, prefix string) string

func DefaultEtcdClientCAFile

func DefaultEtcdClientCAFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultEtcdServingCertInfo

func DefaultEtcdServingCertInfo(certDir string) configapi.CertInfo

func DefaultFrontProxySignerName

func DefaultFrontProxySignerName() string

func DefaultKeyFilename

func DefaultKeyFilename(certDir, prefix string) string

func DefaultKubeConfigFilename

func DefaultKubeConfigFilename(certDir, prefix string) string

func DefaultKubeletClientCAFile

func DefaultKubeletClientCAFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultMasterServingCertInfo

func DefaultMasterServingCertInfo(certDir string) configapi.CertInfo

func DefaultNodeClientCertInfo

func DefaultNodeClientCertInfo(nodeDir string) configapi.CertInfo

func DefaultNodeDir

func DefaultNodeDir(nodeName string) string

func DefaultNodeKubeConfigFile

func DefaultNodeKubeConfigFile(nodeDir string) string

func DefaultNodeServingCertInfo

func DefaultNodeServingCertInfo(nodeDir string) configapi.CertInfo

func DefaultRootCAFile

func DefaultRootCAFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultSerialFilename

func DefaultSerialFilename(certDir, prefix string) string

func DefaultServerCerts

func DefaultServerCerts(certDir string) []configapi.CertInfo

func DefaultServiceAccountPrivateKeyFile

func DefaultServiceAccountPrivateKeyFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultServiceAccountPublicKeyFile

func DefaultServiceAccountPublicKeyFile(certDir string) string

func DefaultServiceServingCertSignerName added in v1.3.0

func DefaultServiceServingCertSignerName() string

func DefaultServiceSignerCAInfo added in v1.3.0

func DefaultServiceSignerCAInfo(certDir string) configapi.CertInfo

func DefaultSignerName

func DefaultSignerName() string

func NewCommandCreateBootstrapPolicyFile

func NewCommandCreateBootstrapPolicyFile(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandCreateClient

func NewCommandCreateClient(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandCreateKeyPair

func NewCommandCreateKeyPair(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandCreateKubeConfig

func NewCommandCreateKubeConfig(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandCreateMasterCerts

func NewCommandCreateMasterCerts(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandCreateServerCert

func NewCommandCreateServerCert(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandCreateSignerCert

func NewCommandCreateSignerCert(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandDecrypt added in v1.1.4

func NewCommandDecrypt(commandName string, fullName, encryptFullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandEncrypt added in v1.1.4

func NewCommandEncrypt(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer, errout io.Writer) *cobra.Command

func NewCommandNodeConfig

func NewCommandNodeConfig(commandName string, fullName string, out io.Writer) *cobra.Command


type ClientCertInfo

type ClientCertInfo struct {
	CertLocation    configapi.CertInfo
	UnqualifiedUser string
	User            string
	Groups          sets.String

func DefaultAPIClientCerts

func DefaultAPIClientCerts(certDir string) []ClientCertInfo

func DefaultAggregatorClientCertInfo

func DefaultAggregatorClientCertInfo(certDir string) ClientCertInfo

func DefaultClusterAdminClientCertInfo

func DefaultClusterAdminClientCertInfo(certDir string) ClientCertInfo

func DefaultEtcdClientCerts

func DefaultEtcdClientCerts(certDir string) []ClientCertInfo

func DefaultKubeletClientCerts

func DefaultKubeletClientCerts(certDir string) []ClientCertInfo

func DefaultMasterEtcdClientCertInfo

func DefaultMasterEtcdClientCertInfo(certDir string) ClientCertInfo

func DefaultMasterKubeletClientCertInfo

func DefaultMasterKubeletClientCertInfo(certDir string) ClientCertInfo

func DefaultOpenshiftLoopbackClientCertInfo

func DefaultOpenshiftLoopbackClientCertInfo(certDir string) ClientCertInfo

func DefaultProxyClientCertInfo added in v1.0.7

func DefaultProxyClientCertInfo(certDir string) ClientCertInfo

func DefaultProxyClientCerts added in v1.0.7

func DefaultProxyClientCerts(certDir string) []ClientCertInfo

type CreateBootstrapPolicyFileOptions

type CreateBootstrapPolicyFileOptions struct {
	File string

func (CreateBootstrapPolicyFileOptions) CreateBootstrapPolicyFile

func (o CreateBootstrapPolicyFileOptions) CreateBootstrapPolicyFile() error

func (CreateBootstrapPolicyFileOptions) Validate

func (o CreateBootstrapPolicyFileOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateClientCertOptions

type CreateClientCertOptions struct {
	SignerCertOptions *SignerCertOptions

	CertFile string
	KeyFile  string

	ExpireDays int

	User   string
	Groups []string

	Overwrite bool
	Output    io.Writer

func (CreateClientCertOptions) CreateClientCert

func (o CreateClientCertOptions) CreateClientCert() (*crypto.TLSCertificateConfig, error)

func (CreateClientCertOptions) Validate

func (o CreateClientCertOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateClientOptions

type CreateClientOptions struct {
	SignerCertOptions *SignerCertOptions

	ClientDir string
	BaseName  string

	ExpireDays int

	User   string
	Groups []string

	APIServerCAFiles   []string
	APIServerURL       string
	PublicAPIServerURL string
	Output             io.Writer

func (CreateClientOptions) CreateClientFolder

func (o CreateClientOptions) CreateClientFolder() error

func (CreateClientOptions) Validate

func (o CreateClientOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateKeyPairOptions

type CreateKeyPairOptions struct {
	PublicKeyFile  string
	PrivateKeyFile string

	Overwrite bool
	Output    io.Writer

func (CreateKeyPairOptions) CreateKeyPair

func (o CreateKeyPairOptions) CreateKeyPair() error

func (CreateKeyPairOptions) Validate

func (o CreateKeyPairOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateKubeConfigOptions

type CreateKubeConfigOptions struct {
	APIServerURL       string
	PublicAPIServerURL string
	APIServerCAFiles   []string

	CertFile string
	KeyFile  string

	ContextNamespace string

	KubeConfigFile string
	Output         io.Writer

func (CreateKubeConfigOptions) CreateKubeConfig

func (o CreateKubeConfigOptions) CreateKubeConfig() (*clientcmdapi.Config, error)

func (CreateKubeConfigOptions) Validate

func (o CreateKubeConfigOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateMasterCertsOptions

type CreateMasterCertsOptions struct {
	CertDir    string
	SignerName string

	ExpireDays       int
	SignerExpireDays int

	APIServerCAFiles []string

	Hostnames []string

	APIServerURL       string
	PublicAPIServerURL string

	Overwrite bool
	Output    io.Writer

func (CreateMasterCertsOptions) CreateMasterCerts

func (o CreateMasterCertsOptions) CreateMasterCerts() error

func (CreateMasterCertsOptions) Validate

func (o CreateMasterCertsOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateNodeConfigOptions

type CreateNodeConfigOptions struct {
	SignerCertOptions *SignerCertOptions

	NodeConfigDir string

	NodeName               string
	Hostnames              []string
	VolumeDir              string
	ImageTemplate          variable.ImageTemplate
	AllowDisabledDocker    bool
	DNSBindAddress         string
	DNSDomain              string
	DNSIP                  string
	DNSRecursiveResolvConf string
	ListenAddr             flagtypes.Addr

	KubeletArguments map[string][]string

	ClientCertFile    string
	ClientKeyFile     string
	ServerCertFile    string
	ServerKeyFile     string
	ExpireDays        int
	NodeClientCAFile  string
	APIServerCAFiles  []string
	APIServerURL      string
	Output            io.Writer
	NetworkPluginName string

func NewDefaultCreateNodeConfigOptions

func NewDefaultCreateNodeConfigOptions() *CreateNodeConfigOptions

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) CreateNodeFolder

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) CreateNodeFolder() (string, error)

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) IsCreateClientCertificate

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) IsCreateClientCertificate() bool

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) IsCreateServerCertificate

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) IsCreateServerCertificate() bool

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeAPIServerCA

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeAPIServerCA(clientCopyOfCAFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeAndWriteServerCert added in v1.3.0

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeAndWriteServerCert(serverCertFile, serverKeyFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeClientCert

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeClientCert(clientCertFile, clientKeyFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeKubeConfig

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeKubeConfig(clientCertFile, clientKeyFile, clientCopyOfCAFile, kubeConfigFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeNodeClientCA

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeNodeClientCA(clientCopyOfCAFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeNodeConfig

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeNodeConfig(serverCertFile, serverKeyFile, nodeClientCAFile, kubeConfigFile, nodeConfigFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeNodeJSON

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) MakeNodeJSON(nodeJSONFile string) error

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) UseNodeClientCA

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) UseNodeClientCA() bool

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) UseTLS

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) UseTLS() bool

func (CreateNodeConfigOptions) Validate

func (o CreateNodeConfigOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateServerCertOptions

type CreateServerCertOptions struct {
	SignerCertOptions *SignerCertOptions

	CertFile string
	KeyFile  string

	ExpireDays int

	Hostnames []string
	Overwrite bool
	Output    io.Writer

func (CreateServerCertOptions) CreateServerCert

func (o CreateServerCertOptions) CreateServerCert() (*crypto.TLSCertificateConfig, error)

func (CreateServerCertOptions) Validate

func (o CreateServerCertOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type CreateSignerCertOptions

type CreateSignerCertOptions struct {
	CertFile   string
	KeyFile    string
	SerialFile string
	ExpireDays int
	Name       string
	Output     io.Writer

	Overwrite bool

func (CreateSignerCertOptions) CreateSignerCert

func (o CreateSignerCertOptions) CreateSignerCert() (*crypto.CA, error)

func (CreateSignerCertOptions) Validate

func (o CreateSignerCertOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type DecryptOptions added in v1.1.4

type DecryptOptions struct {
	// EncryptedFile is a file containing an encrypted PEM block.
	EncryptedFile string
	// EncryptedData is a byte slice containing an encrypted PEM block.
	EncryptedData []byte
	// EncryptedReader is used to read an encrypted PEM block if no EncryptedFile or EncryptedData is provided. Cannot be a terminal reader.
	EncryptedReader io.Reader

	// DecryptedFile is a destination file to write decrypted data to.
	DecryptedFile string
	// DecryptedWriter is used to write decrypted data to if no DecryptedFile is provided
	DecryptedWriter io.Writer

	// KeyFile is a file containing a PEM block with the password to use to decrypt the data
	KeyFile string

func (*DecryptOptions) Decrypt added in v1.1.4

func (o *DecryptOptions) Decrypt() error

func (*DecryptOptions) Validate added in v1.1.4

func (o *DecryptOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type EncryptOptions added in v1.1.4

type EncryptOptions struct {
	// CleartextFile contains cleartext data to encrypt.
	CleartextFile string
	// CleartextData is cleartext data to encrypt.
	CleartextData []byte
	// CleartextReader reads cleartext data to encrypt if CleartextReader and CleartextFile are unspecified.
	CleartextReader io.Reader

	// EncryptedFile has encrypted data written to it.
	EncryptedFile string
	// EncryptedWriter has encrypted data written to it if EncryptedFile is unspecified.
	EncryptedWriter io.Writer

	// KeyFile contains the password in PEM format (as previously written by GenKeyFile)
	KeyFile string
	// GenKeyFile indicates a key should be generated and written
	GenKeyFile string

	// PromptWriter is used to write status and prompt messages
	PromptWriter io.Writer

func (*EncryptOptions) Encrypt added in v1.1.4

func (o *EncryptOptions) Encrypt() error

func (*EncryptOptions) Validate added in v1.1.4

func (o *EncryptOptions) Validate(args []string) error

type SignerCertOptions added in v1.0.3

type SignerCertOptions struct {
	CertFile   string
	KeyFile    string
	SerialFile string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDefaultSignerCertOptions added in v1.0.6

func NewDefaultSignerCertOptions() *SignerCertOptions

func (*SignerCertOptions) CA added in v1.0.3

func (o *SignerCertOptions) CA() (*crypto.CA, error)

func (*SignerCertOptions) Validate added in v1.0.3

func (o *SignerCertOptions) Validate() error

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