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const (
	GCLAuthScope = "https://www.googleapis.com/auth/logging.write"


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func CreateGCLSink

func CreateGCLSink(uri *url.URL, _ extpoints.HeapsterConf) ([]sink_api.ExternalSink, error)


type LogEntry

type LogEntry struct {
	// Information about the log entry.
	Metadata *LogEntryMetadata `json:"metadata,omitempty"`

	// A unique ID for the log entry. If this field is provided and is identical to a previously
	// created entry, then the previous instance of this entry is replaced with this one.
	InsertId string `json:"insertId,omitempty"`

	// The log to which this entry belongs. When a log entry is ingested, the value of this field
	// is set by the logging system.
	Log string `json:"log,omitempty"`

	// The log entry payload, represented by "JSON-like" structured data, in our case, the event.
	Payload kube_api.Event `json:"structPayload,omitempty"`

type LogEntryMetadata

type LogEntryMetadata struct {
	// The time the event described by the log entry occurred. Timestamps must be later than
	// January 1, 1970. Timestamp must be a string following RFC 3339, it must be Z-normalized and
	// use 3, 6, or 9 fractional digits depending on required precision.
	Timestamp string `json:"timestamp,omitempty"`

	// The severity of the log entry. Acceptable values:
	// DEFAULT - The log entry has no assigned severity level.
	// DEBUG - Debug or trace information.
	// INFO - Routine information, such as ongoing status or performance.
	// NOTICE - Normal but significant events, such as start up, shut down, or configuration.
	// WARNING - Warning events might cause problems.
	// ERROR - Error events are likely to cause problems.
	// CRITICAL - Critical events cause more severe problems or brief outages.
	// ALERT - A person must take an action immediately.
	// EMERGENCY - One or more systems are unusable.
	Severity string `json:"severity,omitempty"`

	// The project ID of the Google Cloud Platform service that created the log entry.
	ProjectId string `json:"projectId,omitempty"`

	// The API name of the Google Cloud Platform service that created the log entry.
	// For example, "compute.googleapis.com" or "custom.googleapis.com".
	ServiceName string `json:"serviceName,omitempty"`

	// The region name of the Google Cloud Platform service that created the log entry.
	// For example, `"us-central1"`.
	Region string `json:"region,omitempty"`

	// The zone of the Google Cloud Platform service that created the log entry.
	// For example, `"us-central1-a"`.
	Zone string `json:"zone,omitempty"`

	// The fully-qualified email address of the authenticated user that performed or requested
	// the action represented by the log entry. If the log entry does not apply to an action
	// taken by an authenticated user, then the field should be empty.
	UserId string `json:"userId,omitempty"`

	// A set of (key, value) data that provides additional information about the log entry.
	Labels map[string]string `json:"labels,omitempty"`

type LogsEntriesWriteRequest

type LogsEntriesWriteRequest struct {
	// Metadata labels that apply to all log entries in this request, so they don't have to be
	// repeated in each log entry's metadata.labels field. If any of the log entries contain
	// a (key, value) with the same key that is in commonLabels, then the entry's (key, value)
	// overrides the one in commonLabels.
	CommonLabels map[string]string `json:"commonLabels,omitempty"`

	// Entries: Log entries to insert.
	Entries []*LogEntry `json:"entries,omitempty"`

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