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const (
	ExporterImage  = "image"
	ExporterLocal  = "local"
	ExporterTar    = "tar"
	ExporterOCI    = "oci"
	ExporterDocker = "docker"


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var PruneAll = pruneOptionFunc(func(pi *PruneInfo) {
	pi.All = true


This section is empty.


type CacheOptionsEntry added in v0.6.4

type CacheOptionsEntry struct {
	Type  string
	Attrs map[string]string

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(ctx context.Context, address string, opts ...ClientOpt) (*Client, error)

New returns a new buildkit client. Address can be empty for the system-default address.

func (*Client) Build

func (c *Client) Build(ctx context.Context, opt SolveOpt, product string, buildFunc gateway.BuildFunc, statusChan chan *SolveStatus) (*SolveResponse, error)

func (*Client) Close

func (c *Client) Close() error

func (*Client) DiskUsage

func (c *Client) DiskUsage(ctx context.Context, opts ...DiskUsageOption) ([]*UsageInfo, error)

func (*Client) ListWorkers

func (c *Client) ListWorkers(ctx context.Context, opts ...ListWorkersOption) ([]*WorkerInfo, error)

ListWorkers lists all active workers

func (*Client) Prune

func (c *Client) Prune(ctx context.Context, ch chan UsageInfo, opts ...PruneOption) error

func (*Client) Solve

func (c *Client) Solve(ctx context.Context, def *llb.Definition, opt SolveOpt, statusChan chan *SolveStatus) (*SolveResponse, error)

Solve calls Solve on the controller. def must be nil if (and only if) opt.Frontend is set.

type ClientOpt

type ClientOpt interface{}

func WithCredentials

func WithCredentials(serverName, ca, cert, key string) ClientOpt

WithCredentials configures the TLS parameters of the client. Arguments: * serverName: specifies the name of the target server * ca: specifies the filepath of the CA certificate to use for verification * cert: specifies the filepath of the client certificate * key: specifies the filepath of the client key

func WithDialer added in v0.6.4

func WithDialer(df func(string, time.Duration) (net.Conn, error)) ClientOpt

func WithFailFast

func WithFailFast() ClientOpt

func WithTracer

func WithTracer(t opentracing.Tracer) ClientOpt

type DiskUsageInfo

type DiskUsageInfo struct {
	Filter []string

type DiskUsageOption

type DiskUsageOption interface {

type ExportEntry added in v0.6.4

type ExportEntry struct {
	Type      string
	Attrs     map[string]string
	Output    func(map[string]string) (io.WriteCloser, error) // for ExporterOCI and ExporterDocker
	OutputDir string                                          // for ExporterLocal

type Filter

type Filter []string

func WithFilter

func WithFilter(f []string) Filter

func (Filter) SetDiskUsageOption

func (f Filter) SetDiskUsageOption(di *DiskUsageInfo)

func (Filter) SetListWorkersOption

func (f Filter) SetListWorkersOption(lwi *ListWorkersInfo)

func (Filter) SetPruneOption

func (f Filter) SetPruneOption(pi *PruneInfo)

type ListWorkersInfo

type ListWorkersInfo struct {
	Filter []string

ListWorkersInfo is a payload for worker list query

type ListWorkersOption

type ListWorkersOption interface {

ListWorkersOption is an option for a worker list query

type PruneInfo

type PruneInfo struct {
	Filter       []string
	All          bool
	KeepDuration time.Duration
	KeepBytes    int64

type PruneOption

type PruneOption interface {

func WithKeepOpt

func WithKeepOpt(duration time.Duration, bytes int64) PruneOption

type SolveOpt

type SolveOpt struct {
	Exports               []ExportEntry
	LocalDirs             map[string]string
	SharedKey             string
	Frontend              string
	FrontendAttrs         map[string]string
	CacheExports          []CacheOptionsEntry
	CacheImports          []CacheOptionsEntry
	Session               []session.Attachable
	AllowedEntitlements   []entitlements.Entitlement
	SharedSession         *session.Session // TODO: refactor to better session syncing
	SessionPreInitialized bool             // TODO: refactor to better session syncing

type SolveResponse

type SolveResponse struct {
	// ExporterResponse is also used for CacheExporter
	ExporterResponse map[string]string

type SolveStatus

type SolveStatus struct {
	Vertexes []*Vertex
	Statuses []*VertexStatus
	Logs     []*VertexLog

type UsageInfo

type UsageInfo struct {
	ID      string
	Mutable bool
	InUse   bool
	Size    int64

	CreatedAt   time.Time
	LastUsedAt  *time.Time
	UsageCount  int
	Parent      string
	Description string
	RecordType  UsageRecordType
	Shared      bool

type UsageRecordType

type UsageRecordType string
const (
	UsageRecordTypeInternal    UsageRecordType = "internal"
	UsageRecordTypeFrontend    UsageRecordType = "frontend"
	UsageRecordTypeLocalSource UsageRecordType = "source.local"
	UsageRecordTypeGitCheckout UsageRecordType = "source.git.checkout"
	UsageRecordTypeCacheMount  UsageRecordType = "exec.cachemount"
	UsageRecordTypeRegular     UsageRecordType = "regular"

type Vertex

type Vertex struct {
	Digest    digest.Digest
	Inputs    []digest.Digest
	Name      string
	Started   *time.Time
	Completed *time.Time
	Cached    bool
	Error     string

type VertexLog

type VertexLog struct {
	Vertex    digest.Digest
	Stream    int
	Data      []byte
	Timestamp time.Time

type VertexStatus

type VertexStatus struct {
	ID        string
	Vertex    digest.Digest
	Name      string
	Total     int64
	Current   int64
	Timestamp time.Time
	Started   *time.Time
	Completed *time.Time

type WorkerInfo

type WorkerInfo struct {
	ID        string
	Labels    map[string]string
	Platforms []specs.Platform
	GCPolicy  []PruneInfo

WorkerInfo contains information about a worker


Path Synopsis
Package connhelper provides helpers for connecting to a remote daemon host with custom logic.
Package connhelper provides helpers for connecting to a remote daemon host with custom logic.
Package dockercontainer provides connhelper for docker-container://<container>
Package dockercontainer provides connhelper for docker-container://<container>
Package kubepod provides connhelper for kube-pod://<pod>
Package kubepod provides connhelper for kube-pod://<pod>

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