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func ToParts

func ToParts(p string) []string


type Element

type Element struct {
	Path   string
	Object mo.Reference

func ToElement

func ToElement(r mo.Reference, prefix string) Element

type Lister

type Lister struct {
	Collector *property.Collector
	Reference types.ManagedObjectReference
	Prefix    string
	All       bool

func (Lister) List

func (l Lister) List(ctx context.Context) ([]Element, error)

func (Lister) ListComputeResource

func (l Lister) ListComputeResource(ctx context.Context) ([]Element, error)

func (Lister) ListDatacenter

func (l Lister) ListDatacenter(ctx context.Context) ([]Element, error)

func (Lister) ListFolder

func (l Lister) ListFolder(ctx context.Context) ([]Element, error)

func (Lister) ListResourcePool

func (l Lister) ListResourcePool(ctx context.Context) ([]Element, error)

type Recurser

type Recurser struct {
	Collector *property.Collector

	// All configures the recurses to fetch complete objects for leaf nodes.
	All bool

	// TraverseLeafs configures the Recurser to traverse traversable leaf nodes.
	// This is typically set to true when used from the ls command, where listing
	// a folder means listing its contents. This is typically set to false for
	// commands that take managed entities that are not folders as input.
	TraverseLeafs bool

func (Recurser) Recurse

func (r Recurser) Recurse(ctx context.Context, root Element, parts []string) ([]Element, error)

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