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Package icinga provides a client for using the Icinga2 API.



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func CheckResponse

func CheckResponse(r *http.Response) error

CheckResponse checks the API response for errors, and returns them if present. A response is considered an error if it has a status code outside the 200 range. API error responses are expected to have either no response body, or a JSON response body that maps to ErrorResponse. Any other response body will be silently ignored.


type BasicAuthTransport

type BasicAuthTransport struct {
	Username string // Icinga2 API username
	Password string // Icinga2 API password

	// Transport is the underlying HTTP transport to use when making requests.
	// It will default to http.DefaultTransport if nil.
	Transport http.RoundTripper

BasicAuthTransport is an http.RoundTripper that authenticates all requests using HTTP Basic Authentication with the provided username and password.

func (*BasicAuthTransport) Client

func (t *BasicAuthTransport) Client() *http.Client

Client returns an *http.Client that makes requests that are authenticated using HTTP Basic Authentication.

func (*BasicAuthTransport) RoundTrip

func (t *BasicAuthTransport) RoundTrip(req *http.Request) (*http.Response, error)

RoundTrip implements the RoundTripper interface.

type Client

type Client struct {

	// Base URL for API requests.
	//  BaseURL should always be specified with a trailing slash.
	BaseURL *url.URL

	// User agent used when communicating Icinga2 API.
	UserAgent string

	// Services used for talking to different parts of the Icinga2 API.
	Hosts *HostsService
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client manages communication with the Icinga2 API

func NewClient

func NewClient(baseURL string, httpClient *http.Client) *Client

NewClient returns a new Icinga2 API client

func (*Client) Do

func (c *Client) Do(req *http.Request, v interface{}) (*http.Response, error)

Do sends an API request and returns the API response. The API response is JSON decoded and stored in the value pointed to by v, or returned as an error if an API error has occurred. If v implements the io.Writer interface, the raw response body will be written to v, without attempting to first decode it.

func (*Client) NewRequest

func (c *Client) NewRequest(method, urlStr string, body interface{}) (*http.Request, error)

NewRequest creates an API request. A relative URL can be provided in urlStr, in which case it is resolved relative to the BaseURL of the Client. Relative URLs should always be specified without a preceding slash. If specified, the value pointed to by body is JSON encoded and included as the request body.

type ErrorResponse

type ErrorResponse struct {
	Response *http.Response // HTTP response that caused this error
	Code     json.Number    `json:"error"`  // error code
	Status   string         `json:"status"` // error message

An ErrorResponse reports one or more errors caused by an API request.

func (*ErrorResponse) Error

func (r *ErrorResponse) Error() string

type Host

type Host struct {
	Name                  string      `json:"__name,omitempty" icinga:"create"`
	Acknowledgement       json.Number `json:"acknowledgement,omitempty" icinga:""`
	AcknowledgementExpiry json.Number `json:"acknowledgement_expiry,omitempty" icinga:""`
	ActionURL             string      `json:"action_url,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Address               string      `json:"address,omitempty" icinga:"create"`
	Address6              string      `json:"address6,omitempty" icinga:""`
	CheckAttempt          json.Number `json:"check_attempt,omitempty" icinga:""`
	CheckCommand          string      `json:"check_command,omitempty" icinga:"create"`
	CheckInterval         json.Number `json:"check_interval,omitempty" icinga:""`
	CheckPeriod           string      `json:"check_period,omitempty" icinga:""`
	CheckTimeout          interface{} `json:"check_timeout,omitempty" icinga:""`
	CommandEndpoint       string      `json:"command_endpoint,omitempty" icinga:""`
	DisplayName           string      `json:"display_name,omitempty" icinga:""`
	DowntimeDepth         json.Number `json:"downtime_depth,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EventCommand          string      `json:"event_command,omitempty" icinga:""`
	FlappingLastChange    float64     `json:"flapping_last_change,omitempty" icinga:""`
	FlappingNegative      json.Number `json:"flapping_negative,omitempty" icinga:""`
	FlappingPositive      json.Number `json:"flapping_positive,omitempty" icinga:""`
	FlappingThreshold     json.Number `json:"flapping_threshold,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Groups                []string    `json:"groups,omitempty" icinga:""`
	HaMode                json.Number `json:"ha_mode,omitempty" icinga:""`
	IconImage             string      `json:"icon_image,omitempty" icinga:""`
	IconImageAlt          string      `json:"icon_image_alt,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastCheck             float64     `json:"last_check,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastHardState         json.Number `json:"last_hard_state,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastHardStateChange   float64     `json:"last_hard_state_change,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastState             json.Number `json:"last_state,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastStateChange       float64     `json:"last_state_change,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastStateDown         float64     `json:"last_state_down,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastStateType         json.Number `json:"last_state_type,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastStateUnreachable  json.Number `json:"last_state_unreachable,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastStateUp           float64     `json:"last_state_up,omitempty" icinga:""`
	MaxCheckAttempts      json.Number `json:"max_check_attempts,omitempty" icinga:""`
	NextCheck             float64     `json:"next_check,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Notes                 string      `json:"notes,omitempty" icinga:""`
	NotesURL              string      `json:"notes_url,omitempty" icinga:""`
	OriginalAttributes    interface{} `json:"original_attributes,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Package               string      `json:"package,omitempty" icinga:""`
	RetryInterval         json.Number `json:"retry_interval,omitempty" icinga:""`
	State                 json.Number `json:"state,omitempty" icinga:""`
	StateType             json.Number `json:"state_type,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Templates             []string    `json:"templates,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Type                  string      `json:"type,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Version               float64     `json:"version,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Zone                  string      `json:"zone,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Flapping              bool        `json:"flapping,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Active                bool        `json:"active,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EnableActiveChecks    bool        `json:"enable_active_checks,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EnableEventHandler    bool        `json:"enable_event_handler,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EnableFlapping        bool        `json:"enable_flapping,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EnableNotifications   bool        `json:"enable_notifications,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EnablePassiveChecks   bool        `json:"enable_passive_checks,omitempty" icinga:""`
	EnablePerfdata        bool        `json:"enable_perfdata,omitempty" icinga:""`
	ForceNextCheck        bool        `json:"force_next_check,omitempty" icinga:""`
	ForceNextNotification bool        `json:"force_next_notification,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastReachable         bool        `json:"last_reachable,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Paused                bool        `json:"paused,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Volatile              bool        `json:"volatile,omitempty" icinga:""`
	Vars                  interface{} `json:"vars,omitempty" icinga:""`
	LastCheckResult       *struct {
		Active          bool        `json:"active,omitempty"`
		CheckSource     string      `json:"check_source,omitempty"`
		Command         []string    `json:"command,omitempty"`
		ExecutionEnd    float64     `json:"execution_end,omitempty"`
		ExecutionStart  float64     `json:"execution_start,omitempty"`
		ExitStatus      json.Number `json:"exit_status,omitempty"`
		Output          string      `json:"output,omitempty"`
		PerformanceData []string    `json:"performance_data,omitempty"`
		ScheduleEnd     float64     `json:"schedule_end,omitempty"`
		ScheduleStart   float64     `json:"schedule_start,omitempty"`
		State           json.Number `json:"state,omitempty"`
		Type            string      `json:"type,omitempty"`
		VarsAfter       *struct {
			Attempt   json.Number `json:"attempt,omitempty"`
			Reachable bool        `json:"reachable,omitempty"`
			State     json.Number `json:"state,omitempty"`
			StateType json.Number `json:"state_type,omitempty"`
		} `json:"vars_after,omitempty"`
		VarsBefore *struct {
			Attempt   json.Number `json:"attempt,omitempty"`
			Reachable bool        `json:"reachable,omitempty"`
			State     json.Number `json:"state,omitempty"`
			StateType json.Number `json:"state_type,omitempty"`
		} `json:"vars_before,omitempty"`
	} `json:"last_check_result,omitempty" icinga:""`

Host represents a Icinga2 Host object

type HostsService

type HostsService service

HostsService handles communication with the host object related methods of the Icinga2 API

func (*HostsService) Create

func (s *HostsService) Create(host *Host) (*Host, *http.Response, error)

Create Host.

func (*HostsService) Get

func (s *HostsService) Get(name string) (*Host, *http.Response, error)

Get a single Host.

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