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var (
	// ErrNotSupport is returned when the callback handler does not support
	// the callback format.
	ErrNotSupport = fmt.Errorf("no support")


func Notify

func Notify(in <-chan map[string][2]string, out chan<- map[string][2]string)

Notify calls the callback handlers in turn to notify the app that the value has been changed.


type Callback

type Callback interface {
	// Callback is the handler to parse the callback address and send
	// the notification.
	// The second argument, value, is the changed and new value.
	// If the implementation cannot parse or handle the callback, it should
	// return an error, ErrNotSupport.
	Callback(callback string, value string) error

Callback defines an interface of the callback notification handler.

func RegisterCallback

func RegisterCallback(name string, callback Callback) (old Callback)

RegisterCallback registers a callback notification handler with a name.

Notice: If the name has been registered, it will replace the old one and return it. If callback is nil, it will panic.

type CallbackFunc

type CallbackFunc func(callback string, value string) error

CallbackFunc converts a function to Callback.

func (CallbackFunc) Callback

func (c CallbackFunc) Callback(callback, value string) error

Callback implements the interface Callback.

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