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CLIENTID_LENGTH is the length of Client IDs

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ENTITYID_LENGTH is the length of Entity IDs


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func Hash added in v0.1.4

func Hash(data []byte, seed uint32) uint32

Hash return hash of the given data.


type ClientID

type ClientID string

ClientID type

func GenClientID

func GenClientID() ClientID

GenClientID generates a new Client ID

func (ClientID) IsNil

func (id ClientID) IsNil() bool

IsNil returns if ClientID is nil

type EntityID

type EntityID string

EntityID type

func GenEntityID

func GenEntityID() EntityID

GenEntityID generates a new EntityID

func MustEntityID

func MustEntityID(id string) EntityID

MustEntityID assures a string to be EntityID

func (EntityID) IsNil

func (id EntityID) IsNil() bool

IsNil returns if EntityID is nil

type EntityIDSet added in v0.1.4

type EntityIDSet map[EntityID]struct{}

EntityIDSet is the data structure for a set of entity IDs

func (EntityIDSet) Add added in v0.1.4

func (es EntityIDSet) Add(id EntityID)

Add adds an entity ID to EntityIDSet

func (EntityIDSet) Contains added in v0.1.4

func (es EntityIDSet) Contains(id EntityID) bool

Contains checks if entity ID is in EntityIDSet

func (EntityIDSet) Del added in v0.1.4

func (es EntityIDSet) Del(id EntityID)

Del removes an entity ID from EntityIDSet

func (EntityIDSet) ForEach added in v0.1.4

func (es EntityIDSet) ForEach(cb func(eid EntityID) bool)

func (EntityIDSet) ToList added in v0.1.4

func (es EntityIDSet) ToList() []EntityID

ToList convert EntityIDSet to a slice of entity IDs

type StringList

type StringList []string

StringList is a list of string (slice)

func (*StringList) Append

func (sl *StringList) Append(elem string)

Append add the string to the end of StringList

func (*StringList) Find

func (sl *StringList) Find(s string) int

Find get the index of string in StringList, returns -1 if not found

func (*StringList) Remove

func (sl *StringList) Remove(elem string)

Remove removes the string from StringList

type StringSet

type StringSet map[string]struct{}

StringSet is a set of strings

func (StringSet) Add

func (ss StringSet) Add(elem string)

Add adds the string to StringSet

func (StringSet) Contains

func (ss StringSet) Contains(elem string) bool

Contains checks if Stringset contains the string

func (StringSet) Remove

func (ss StringSet) Remove(elem string)

Remove removes the string from StringList

func (StringSet) ToList

func (ss StringSet) ToList() []string

ToList convert StringSet to string slice

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